My Personal Romance List (for those married more than a decade, with kids)



‘Tis the season. You see the jewelry ads, you see the chocolates, you see the restaurant deals – you can tell that it’s February.

Maybe you love Valentine’s Day and you want the heart shaped chocolates, the long stemmed roses, the candlelight fondue meal. Maybe you’re like me and you don’t. (Little known fact about me: I love flowers, I just don’t prefer long stemmed red roses. I’ll take an eclectic bouquet with greens, white and fuchsia flowers any day. Husband, are you reading this?)

Below is my personal list of ROMANCE, 15 years in with 2.2 kids.

1) Random small tokens of affection: I like coffee picked up and delivered when I wake up (Starbucks grande non-fat latte with a straw). I like the Post-It note with a cute non-cheesy sentiment. I even like a car wash. Any small gesture that shows you took the time to make me smile.

2) Future planned date: This doesn’t have to be during the Feb 12-15 time frame. I would love concert tickets, tickets to a comedy club, restaurant reservations for some time in the next year. I am open on this, but if you are taking this route, go the extra mile and book a sitter for the date so it’s actually happening!

3) Takeout / wine/ mutually-agreed upon movie: The takeout is sushi or Thai in my book, the wine is a Sauvignon Blanc or a Malbec, and the movie is any movie that combines both our styles (thriller/action/government conspiracy/humor/sports/fashion – please let me know of any movie titles in this quirky hodge-podge combo genre).

4) Dreaded tasks: One of the most romantic gestures is volunteering to pick up the children from soccer practice on the south side of town at 8:30 on a weeknight. I love being a taxi-mama but I could use a break and giving me a week free of chauffeur duties is a mega-present in my book. (HINT)

5) Family night: I know, how romantic can Dave & Buster’s be? Family time can be a rarity in our busy lives so I’m OK with pizza and bowling, or hot cocoa and ice skating, or a night at the Studio Movie Grill.

6) Cards: I don’t need presents but I love cards. Spend the time and pick one that looks like me. I save them, I reread them. I heart cards. I do not like cheesy cards that show children holding hands in adult outfits in black and white with random red lettering and hearts. (Sorry, TMI on my card likes/dislikes.) You absolutely cannot just sign your name – you must write something!

7) Gifts: If you must go the gift route, here’s a list. Kendra Scott Jewelry (bracelet or necklaces – I can’t wear the earrings), mani/pedi gift cards, monogrammed items (Vintage Scroll Font please), stationary, photos of my 3 favorite people (it wouldn’t hurt to casually color coordinate), mini bundtinis (lemon or white chocolate raspberry), picture frames that fit 4×6 photos (I never have enough of those).


  1. HA! Those little kids in black and white cards are my very favorites. Guess I cheesy and didn’t know it! Oh well. The rest of the list, I will definitely be passing along to the hub. Three cheers!


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