Food Photos Make You Drool? 5 Instagram Accounts to Inspire Healthy Eating


5 Instagram Accounts Healthy

I love food blogs, food pictures and basically anything that gets me motivated to cook and eat! For inspiration and information about a healthy lifestyle, I often turn to Instagram. Perhaps it’s just the beautiful photos, or maybe it’s the motivation behind them, but as the New Year began and my devotion to exercise and healthy lifestyle became priority, I turned to my Instagram feed to find my food inspiration.

The result? A variety of inspiring recipes and lifestyle changes from incredible people on Instagram. And because eating healthy is a goal of so many people as the New Year begins, I thought I would share 5 of my favorite Instagram accounts that I turn to for motivation and inspiration everyday.


fithealthyrecipes  This mom of 2 shares her fitness and health lifestyle journey. She shares her fitness workouts @FitHealthyWorkouts but her recipe page @FitHealthyRecipes is one of my favorites for inspiration. She vets delicious healthy recipes from a variety of other healthy Instagram accounts and features her favorites, so the quality of recipes (from Baked Broccoli Chicken Alfredo to Healthy Raw Vegan Mars Bar Chocolate Mouse Cake) is high and sure to get you ready to cook.


withpeanutbutterontop  Whether it’s tempting cheesy jalapeño popper cauliflower sticks or pumpkin roll crunch cakes, wait till you see these recipes (and the mouth-watering photo’s are appeasing, too!). The lady behind these amazing recipes is @sammybfit and she is one to follow.


nomnompaleo  Even if you do not follow a paleo diet, you will still be inspired by these easy recipes. Not only are her recipes simple, but the choice of flavors make her recipes simply delicious.


ohsheglows  This veggie-lovin mama and NYT best-selling author has some delicious vegan dishes that would make the omnivore meatless for a meal or two.



effortlyss  This fitness inspiration gal loves to not only post healthy recipes but keeps us all motivated with weight-loss success stories, fitness ideas and of course some beautiful foodie pictures.

 Do you have a favorite Instagram account you turn to for health and fitness inspiration? We would love to hear about it.  



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