Sunday Meal Planning Series {Easy Super Bowl Appetizers}


Meal PlanningLast week, we had a RIDICULOUS set of recipes from the executive chef over at Sanctuary – recipes that would make for a high-class, luxury Super Bowl party. They looked so delicious that I’ve already earmarked them for our next fancy dinner night in.

Welcome back to our Sunday Meal Planning Series. Here I give you some alternatives for appetizers when you oh, say, need to have something for a beer-filled Super Bowl party that serves food on paper plates.

SALAD: If there will be women in attendance, the host will probably want some sort of salad. Here is a variation on a traditional Greek salad that blends the flavors to make the flavor all the more subtle:

CORN: For a home that will have a grill going, pull out this recipe to up the game on a typical ear of corn:

SPROUTS: You may balk at what I’m about to say, but this Brussels sprouts recipe cannot be beat. We’ve been served these several times, and I’ve now made them several times, and I have been shocked at how delicious the flavor of the sprouts are – even without the garlic-deliciousness that is the aioli here.

MEATBALLS: If you need to avoid gas-inducing vegetables and prefer to go with heartier meats (but don’t want to go full out with chicken wings), consider this recipe for scallion meatballs with a mouth-watering soy-ginger glaze:

Enjoy your game day experience and please share any other easy appetizer recipes we can use in a few short weeks!


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