Don’t Miss Out: Best Local Self-Development Courses


Imagine setting a goal for the year. Think you’ll do better pushing through by yourself, or working with someone to guide you, encourage you, and hold you accountable?

selfdevelopmentYep, that’s right. As my brother says, Teamwork makes the Dream Work. It’s not about ramming the latest “tools” down your throat but teaming up with people who have the research and experience to help us uncover the version of ourselves that we want to be, and create the kind of life we want to live. Plus, as mothers, we invest so much in our little ones – it’s really important that we invest in our selves as well.

What are some of the best self-development courses being held here in Arizona? 

Shine Life DesignShine Life Design (March 12-15):  This course is for adventurous souls, the dreamers and seekers who want to explore and lead their best, most fulfilling life.  Having participated in this powerfully transformative retreat myself, I can attest to the safe space that leader Jaime creates for us to share, laugh, cry and be silent as we went through the process of clearing out unhelpful beliefs and tuning into what we really want to manifest in this world.  Plus, the Mago Retreat Center is an undiscovered gem in Sedona, full of vortexes, gardens, labyrinths, and power.

U the Leader at U & Improved (THIS WEEKEND: Jan 16-18 or Feb 27-Mar 1):  Do you want to dig deeper into your passion, improve your self-confidence, and learn to gain the respect of others in both your professional and personal life?This intensive 2.5 day course helps you gain clarity and define your own path to success by helping you become a better goal-setter, decision-maker, and problem-solver.  Plus, you gain the support of an enthusiastic community at U & Improved.

PAX Programs (Feb 21 & 22): Imagine getting what you most want from men – partners, bosses, employees, sons – and learning how to best communicate with them. For real. This will help you make sense of their annoying behavior, figure out what not to take personally, and have more satisfying connections with all the men in your life. Plus, the leader for this particular weekend in Scottsdale is super experienced and funny and genuine.

PSI Strategies for Life Success (April 10-12): The Basic Seminar provides you with the fundamentals of creating positive results in both your personal and professional life. This helps you create abundance (wealth!), build better relationships and find more balance, get more productive and creative, and improve your communication to improve the results in any area of your life.  The team is so confident that you’ll like your experience that they even offer a money back guarantee for the course.

Do you know other programs being held locally that should be added to this list?  Please let us know!


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