How To Make Holiday Headbands: A DIY Tutorial


When I was little, I used to love making jewelry, headbands, and those lanyard bracelet things. This year my bohemian insides really took over… I find myself shoeless, mismatched and natural more often than not! I still love a sassy LBD, but it has to be paired with some boho accessory to really set off the look.

With the holiday season upon us, I’ve been thinking about outfit necessities for the remainder of the year and was disappointed that I couldn’t find any hair accessories that were rustic and CHEAP! I love a good headband, but there is no way I’m dropping $20 on something for my hair.Holiday headband graphic SMB

From this problem sprouted my first ever DIY headband endeavor. I had a few old headbands that needed some TLC and found an old star wreath that had a few remaining faux holly berries and some good looking pine. If you have 10 minutes and some supplies, you’ll be able to pull off your own DIY HOLIDAY HEADBANDS! This one is great for the kids too!


An old wreath, garland, or sprigs of pine, twigs and holly


Floral Wire

Headbands and/or barrettes


Holiday headband 6

1-2. Carefully select a spring of pine and a little bundle of twig or other rustic component.

3. Place the pieces on one side of your headband.

4-5. Using your floral wire, secure the pieces to the headband ensuring there are not any loose pieces of wire, or any wire that will poke you all night long!

6. Once the pine and twigs are secure, feed the holly berries through the secure pine and again, secure using floral wire.

Once you’ve got everything on, put that beauty on!


We were a little short on models around the house so Hubby stepped in.

Using the same quick steps, I also whipped up a small barrette for our daughter, in hopes she will wear it for at least ONE photo. She has an aversion to anything cute, girly and handmade by Mommy that goes on her head!





With about 10 minutes and a few easy steps and supplies, you’re on your way to a bohemian-inspired holiday look!


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