Best Holiday Gifts {for your friends}


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 The holidays are a perfect time to find that thoughtful gift for your favorite gal pals. Extravagance is optional, but most friends will appreciate a gift that reflects their personality and interests.

Here are some of the best holiday gift ideas for your friends:

1. For the friend who loves experiences

If your friend prefers experiences over things, why not purchase movie passes or concert tickets? You can either join your friend or give her the option to take a family member. For a friend who loves experiences, this is the perfect gift that combines an experience with an interest or hobby.

2. For the Sports Fan

Why not make it a game day for your favorite gal pal? Buy her special team’s sports gear and purchase tickets to a football, basketball or baseball game. You can enjoy the game with her or encourage her to take her husband (which might earn her some extra bonus points).

3. For the Book Reader

The book reader might enjoy a gift card from a local book store or some specialty items from Etsy like this metal bookmark or this pendant. You can also pair a good book with a favorite coffee mug so she can enjoy her favorite brew while reading.

4. For the Jewelry Lover

These mantra bands are inspirational and also make a wonderful piece of jewelry for your friend. Messages like “Choose Joy,” Live What You Love,” or “Enjoy the Journey,” are uplifting phrases that any friend will enjoy.

5. For the friend who needs time for herself

 If your friend could use a break from her kids or needs time for herself, offer babysitting for an afternoon or morning so she can have a few hours to relax. Giving someone time to enjoy her pursuits is one of the best holiday gift ideas.

6. For the friend who enjoys cooking

 Cooking classes are a terrific idea for the friend who enjoys making homemade cuisine. You can find classes for pastries, a French dinner from start to finish, or specialty dishes. At the end of the class, you can enjoy taste-testing with your friend.

7. For the artsy friend

Pottery classes or painting classes are a relaxing way to spend time with the artsy friend. In these classes, you can try glass fusing, canvas painting or paint a piece of pottery.

This holiday season pick gifts that reflect your friend’s personality and you will be sure to touch her heart. 

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