SuperLogan: A Local AZ Boy Whose Story Will Capture Your Heart


Ladies, I bring to you the story of Logan Carson, a local Phoenix boy whose story will capture your hearts.

At the age of seven, Logan was a healthy boy going to school and playing sports when he unexpectedly became ill. The bacteria that causes strep throat crossed into his blood stream, causing septic shock; this landed him in the hospital for 6.5 months. Doctors gave him minimal chance of survival, and he went through rigorous procedures and surgeries removing his right leg below his knee, a portion of his right hand, and his right eye. Through it all, the overall tone of his family blog remained optimistic, and Logan was finally able to return home. Although he is now in the comfort of familiar surroundings, Logan endures dialysis for 9 hours every night due to irreparable kidney failure. A kidney transplant will save his life.

LoganSusanNicknamed SuperLogan for his resilience and sweet and charming nature, this now nine year old boy asked for a playground in his Gilbert neighborhood as his Make-A-Wish so that he could share his joy with his friends. As a confirmed kidney donor, Susan Brasel (the stranger I ran into at the hairdresser, who told me this story) and Logan can share laughter in this incredible journey. In fact, just last week, Logan confirmed with Susan that she was still a vegetarian, and  then exclaimed, “well, when I get your kidney, Susan, it’s going to have bacon, steak and all other kinds of meat and it’s going to LOVE it!”

Why am I telling you this story?  Two reasons.

1) Fundraising. The family is facing immense costs for a kidney transplant to save their son; as he grows into adulthood, Logan may need future transplants as well. Costs of transplants can run $500,000, and volunteers supporting Logan’s family have a goal to raise $125,000 to help with transplant-related expense through the Children’s Organ Transplant Association website. You can help and give to the cause here:

2) Education. Susan Brasel, a mother to two young boys, first heard about Logan’s story through a mutual friend. She realized Logan could be any child, even her own, and was deeply touched by his bravery in the face of such a horrible turn of events. After months of following his family’s blog, Susan met Logan and his family at a mutual friend’s birthday party; over time, the families enjoyed summer camping trips together. At one of these camp outings, Logan’s father announced that Logan was cleared to proceed with a transplant, and without any hesitation, Susan volunteered to be a donor. When she cleared the first hurdle – less than 10% of potential donors make it that far in the screening process if they want to donate to a specific person – she was ecstatic and realized it was time to start sharing the message.

It is Susan’s mission to bring awareness to the mismatch between those waiting for lifesaving organ transplants and those able to donate, especially for kidney donations. To help educate all of us, potential living donors, Susan wants to share what it really takes to donate a kidney. The initial blood draw confirms a match, but then there are days upon days of testing – visits from social workers, blood draws, cardiology tests, transplant evaluations, radiology and chest x-rays, CT scans and angioplasties, hypertension monitors, echocardiograms, and physiological exams. All testing must be concluded prior to the surgery consultation – which in this case is scheduled for Nov 3, today.

Through it all, Susan feels an overwhelming sense of goodness and humanity, and feels humbled to be able to help save a life – especially for a boy as incredible as Logan. For more information on what it takes to be a living donor, please visit the website of the National Kidney Foundation.

Please, let’s wish this small part of our Arizona community all the best, and share this message far beyond our borders. 


  1. Wow! What an amazing story of how positive and strong kids are! I am humbled by Susan’s efforts to become his donor. Truly an amazing story!

  2. Thanks for sharing this incredible story, it is heart breaking and at the same time uplifting reminder of the power of human compassion!! I’ll be praying for Super Logan, his family and Susan as well!!

  3. My kiddos went to summer program with Logan. He is a wonderful,sweet boy, full of life. Please donate if you can, this family needs our help!

  4. I am Susan’s aunt in Arkansas. I don’t know Logan but Susan has shared his story with our family and we are so proud of her for the sacrifice she is willing to make. She has a very big heart and is so excited to be able to do this to help Logan. We will be praying for Susan and Logan.

  5. I am sending this to everyone on my buddy list. I know that they will want to be part of Logan’s recovery. He is an amazing boy and his family have incredible strength and faith.
    it’s an honor to know Logans grandma.


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