7 No Carve Pumpkin Crafts {Halloween Week TBT from SMB}


pumpkin collageHello again, editor Sara here. We had too many good Halloween posts from our archives to let a Throwback Thursday go with just one – here’s another great post from last year, courtesy of Jenn!

Halloween is around the corner and it’s time to start decorating our pumpkins. Sure, for big kids, this usually means carving! However, if you have little ones who are still too young to hold knives, or if you simply want to keep the pumpkins intact so they don’t rot away before Halloween, here are 7 no carve pumpkin craft ideas for you to get started on. The best part? None of them involve knives!


Sparkle Pumpkin

photo 4

While my daughter sang  “Get your Sparkle On!” (from a Barbie movie) we painted white glue all over the pumpkins, rolled them in our favorite glitter,  and let the pumpkins dry. And then you have a glittery gorgeous pumpkin centerpiece.



Mr. Pumpkin Head

photo 1If you have a Mr. (or Mrs.) Potato Head, then you will have most of your supplies ready to go. A parent will need to use a screwdriver or sharp pointer object to make holes for the Mr. Potato Heads parts. (Be careful not to make the holes too big, or the pumpkin’s ears, eyes, and noses may fall out!) Have your children use the pumpkin as their new seasonal Potato Head to bring them to life!




Button Pumpkin

photo 7

This is a great craft for older toddlers who are past the put-every-object-in-my-mouth-phase.   If you don’t want to have an orange background, you can also spray paint the pumpkin with your favorite color first.  A parent can then use white glue or a cold glue gun to draw out words or patterns. The kids can add the buttons on top the glue. Cute!


Pumpkin Bling

photo 3Use matte black spray paint to coat the pumpkin first. Then use jeweled stickers or use white glue to put on jewels to make beautiful pumpkin gems. Simple but fancy, too!






Tangled Web

photo 8This is spooky and super easy. You can use kitchen string to drape loops around the pumpkin, or buy those feathery spider web decorations and cover the pumpkin. Then the kids can add their favorite spiders to the web.




Pumpkin Disguise

photo 2This can be as creative as you want but still turns out to be super easy. We used a mask for our pumpkin disguise but really, the sky’s the limit— glasses, mustaches, eye patches or whatever else you can think of…




 Stick-on Pumpkin

photo 5You can find many different varieties of foam stickers at any craft store. We found an owl kit and used the stickers on the pumpkin. It was a lot of fun to decorate, and this way the pumpkins often turn out cuter rather than creepier.





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Happy Halloween Decorating!


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