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Christ Church School is a private preschool and elementary school (16 months through 4th Grade) located in Paradise Valley that focuses on a personalized style of instruction.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat is personalized instruction?

Personalized instruction is paced and tailored appropriately to the learning preferences and interestKindergarten ccs of each student. In a learning environment that is truly personalized, the instruction method and pace may vary to fit the specific needs of each individual student.

At Christ Church School, a successful personalized education process is achieved with a commitment to small class sizes and low student/teacher ratios. In smaller class sizes, experienced and qualified teachers are able to actively engage with groups of individual students to practice elusive concepts or expand upon mastered areas.

The smaller class sizes allow teachers to spend more time giving feedback and personal attention to each student!

Students are able to

  • accelerate at their own pace
  • take ownership of their individual learning experience
  • set goals for themselves
  • take responsibility for their achievements
  • maximize their learning potential every day

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATechnology also plays a large role in these small classrooms.

Technology engages and supports an interactive, personalized learning environment by providing flexible learning resources beyond the classroom.  Smart Boards and Chromebooks allow students to have fun while practicing new skills.  They can be used individually or collaboratively, for open exploration and skill practice.

During the formative years, preschool and elementary students receive great benefit from personalized education, especially when it is incorporated into small classes with low student/teacher ratios and fortified with technology.

These keys to successful education in the 21st Century encourage students to develop necessary academic, leadership, and social skills that become the solid foundation for success and life-long positive attitudes and enthusiasm about learning!

To learn more about Christ Church School, visit

Or schedule a tour at (602) 381-9906
4015 E. Lincoln Drive
Paradise Valley, AZ  85253



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