10 Websites Every Mom Needs {& I don’t just mean Amazon.}


Not sure if you guys have noticed, but we live in something of a digital age.


I, more than most, retain an affinity for the old fashioned…

I make pen-to-paper to-do lists and include items already completed just to give them a good swift strikethrough.  (and a little mental ‘Hiyah!!’)

Office supplies make me giddy,
Back to School rows are my playground,
and Erin Condren? — that girl speaks my love language.

But even I must admit that there are online tools that make my mom life easier and more fun… and I would be remiss to keep them from you.  See if you spot one you can use!

1. & 2. Scottsdale Moms Blog and Have You Heard?  (and the SMB and HYH Facebook pages!) 

Okay, that was cheap.  But seriously.

3. Doodle

You know the scene: You and 3 friends want to schedule a playdate/brunch/girls’ night out, but agreeing on a date and tracking the responses leaves your head spinning and your Gmail chain longer than the Health Reform Bill.  Insert: DOODLE.  Easy, streamlined, and free.  Set up the options, invite your friends to weigh in, and see at a glance which day serves the most people.  BAM.

4) MealBaby

Did a friend have a baby?  Surgery?  Maybe welcomed a foster child on short notice?  Even had a death in the family? Set up a meal delivery calendar in no time flat.  MealBaby hands you a customizable calendar which anyone can access and sign up on, all you (the setter-upper) need is their email address.  Then everyone – including the honoree – can see the plan, and the volunteer cooks have all the likes/dislikes/allergies/time preference info they need to make it pain-free for everyone.
** Note too that with a little tweaking (I said tweaking, not twerking.) this can be used to arrange lawn care, a volunteer babysitting schedule, or any other service to bless a loved one.  — Plus, you come out looking like a hero, and it took you 2 minutes to organize.  wait……. this isn’t about you……… Oh well.

5) Stitch Fix

Know what IS about you?  Clothes.  And pretty clothes.  And clothes shipped right to your door which means no trying on jeans with kidsintowshootmenow.  Read about another Scottsdale mom’s experience with Stitch Fix here, then do yourself a favor and sign up.  (Oh Hiii, my SMB bio pic shirt!)

6) The Skimm

Because what mom in all the land has time to actually watch the news? — or wants to when her TiVo sits at 94% capacity with HGTV and Big Bang reruns?  I give you: The Skimm.  This once daily, M-F email is current, concise and surprisingly witty!  It’s my newest over-coffee morning read and, thanks to it, when someone mentions a current event, my head tilts and “mm-hmm”s are now a little less fake.

7) Modern Mrs. Darcy

For those Super Moms who actually do use down time for something as constructive as reading, a perusal of MMD’s blog is time well spent — but in my opinion, the jewel in her crown is her annual Summer Reading Guide.  This woman is a MACHINE of a reader, both in breadth and volume.  Wowza.  She reads onlyGodknows how many books a year and then boils down a list of her favorites, with side notes of why they made the cut.  Oh, and PS, this super successful, stylish, cute, charming, way past smart blogging mom has 4 kids and a hub.  Like I said: MACHINE.

8) My Fitness Pal – Blog

Low cal snacks and recipes that even the kids will scarf, life hacks for drinking more water, yoga demystified, running de-boring-fied.  This blog is chock full of fitness helps for real people.

9)  Canva

Think of how impressed your friends will be when your blog or next party invite is polished and sexy and pro-looking?  Before you know it, they will come a-knocking, asking you to do all kinds of fancy techy digital things and wonder “How did she do that??”  Canva.  Free.  User friendly (as these things go).  Best kept secret.  (Oh Hiii, header image for this post!)

10) All Things Jen Hatmaker

If you are among the 0.3% of people who don’t yet know of her, Jen (she lets me call her that since she’s my doesn’t-know-it-because-we-haven’t-actually-met BFF) is the real deal.  A word of warning: Venture cautiously into her brain, for you may surface in a blogging subculture of uproarious laughter, passion, unique social reform, and general life-upheaval in a painful-but-happy-and-you-know-it kind of way.  Do not read her blog or her books (this one or this one) unless you have ample time to debrief through unabashed excitement with your closest girlfriends — and have also purchased stock in Kleenex.  But read them.  Go.  You will both love and hate me for leading you to this.  And you’re welcome.



What websites get you going??  Spill!




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