5 Things Your Kids Need to Watch You Do Right Now!


5 things

Your kids are always watching you and always learning from you! Here’s a list of five real-life-things your kids should see you do {spoiler alert: this list goes way beyond seeing you say “please” and “thank you”!}

1. Pay Bills

Your kids need to see you writing checks or paying bills online for mortgage, utilities, and credit cards. You may not need to show them all the details of the numbers but even at an early age, kids need to learn there is $ that comes into your account from your job and there is $ that goes out of your account for expenses. They also need to know that a credit card is not “free money” and that all those fun activities (in our house, soccer and dance) cost $. (Don’t even get me started on all the start of season expenses)


2.  Vote

It’s that time of year between signs and tv ads- the candidates are out in full force. Your kids need to see you vote- maybe it’s by absentee ballot or maybe you will take them to the polls. Talk about how you research your candidates and make voting decisions. Healthy debates may ensue with older kids but that is what the political process is all about.


3. Needs/Wants

A simple “field trip” to Target can showcase the needs vs wants debate. I need orange juice; I want fall décor items (sidebar: cute owl cocktail plates) Your kids need to see you want something; and not purchase it. That way they can start making the distinction between needs vs. wants.


4. Volunteer

Church, School, Coach- your kids need to see you give up your TIME for a cause. Find family volunteer projects that are all over the valley. Our kids need to see that we care with no agenda or self motivation.


5. Argue

Your kids need to see you have a disagreement. It can be with your spouse, family member, or a friend. They need to see you “figure things out” in a healthy way. The latest argument in my house is my husband’s lack of punctuality. He is angry that I build in a 15 min buffer and I just want to be on time. We kept our cool and debated in front of our kids and resolved it. ( buffer time remains until hubby has consistently shown up on time)



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