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Is your child struggling to learn to read?  Struggling in school?

Has your child been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Autistic Spectrum disorder, or any learning disability?

Could your child have allergies or food sensitivities?

View More: so, life can be challenging for both you and your child. Every day can feel like a struggle that never seems to end. Your child does not have to suffer now that help is available!  Many parents have watched their child struggle then found relief after a drug free treatment called Brain Integration!

Brain Integration, the latest neuroscience technique, utilizes autonomic response testing to “awaken” areas of the brain previously “blocked” by rerouting the blood flow within the brain therein changing brain-wave patterns.  This groundbreaking process reorganizes the electromagnetic signals within the brain, changing the brain function from the inside out!

Meet Diane Minker. Diane is a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner specially certified in the Brain Integration Technique. She has a background in Psychology with post graduate work in Bio-Kinesiology, Applied Kinesiology and Applied Neurophysiology.

Her practice in Scottsdale provides help for children and adults. As a mom herself who raised children with learning disabilities and ADHD, she knows how frustrating and heartbreaking it is to watch to watch loved ones struggle.  Communication can break down in the family and tension can mount when parents and siblings struggle to understand why a child behaves differently. Relationships can suffer. Marriages can dissolve. The whole family suffers! And your child can grow up with low self-esteem! But you can get help today!

Brain Integration helps with

  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • Close Head Brain Injuries
  • Divorce Trauma
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Allergies
  • Math
  • Reading Comprehension

Book an appointment now for a Brain Integration before the end of the 2014 and Diane will apply the cost of your Comprehensive Brain and Physiological Evaluation and Assessment as a credit to your balance.  (value $290)  Payment for Assessments is due at the time services are rendered. Brain Integration must begin or paid for before January 2015. 

More information available at integrationforperformance.comNEW-BRAIN-IFP-LOGO

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Amazing testimonial from a client’s happy mom
“This morning I woke up and there was a stranger in my house….he looks familiar….and has a great smile….but his mood and attitude were rather unfamiliar…he was smiling, happy, joking. I’m not sure what happened to the grumpy, angry pre-teen who used to frequent our home, but I think I’ll keep this one! HUUUUUUUUGE difference from Monday and Tuesday morning. You are my hero. I really want to cry. Virtual hug!”

**Brain Integration is not a series of brain training exercises or an ongoing treatment.  It is a process for removing neurological blocks within the brain that normally takes 12-16 hours to complete.  Diane highly recommends following up with a tutor and a behavioral health professional to help your child catch up and learn new behavioral strategies to help your child succeed.



  1. What strikes me is there is no peer-reviewed research published in a credible journal to support this technique. All research quoted on the site is written by one author. While dealing with issues such as ADHD or learning disabilities is difficult, there isn’t one “easy” way to “cure” these issues. There is no replacement for individualized therapy provided by a trained and licensed psychologist, therapist, special education teacher, speech–language pathologist, etc. A post on your blog comes as an endorsement and many people read your blog. I think readers should be aware that while this may work for some people, they should critically look at exactly what the treatment is claiming to do and make an informed decision before dropping a lot of money.

    • thank you for commenting Jenna. People should always look at every therapy critically before making an informed decision..that’s just responsible parenting. Brain Integration is NOT a substitute for therapy provided by a trained and licensed behavioral health professional and that’s why I specifically advise my clients that it is important to be under the care of one of these professionals during and following treatment. Brain Integration is an adjunct therapy that complements these other professional services. Most of my referrals come from psychologists and therapists because they love the results when their clients come back after their time with me and they are calmer and more receptive to receiving new information. I have had many special education teachers bring their own children in for Brain Integrations. Also as you probably know, studies are sponsored and cost money. The research on alternative therapies is very slow in coming indeed.

    • I am a mother and special education teacher. I adopted two children from foster care, and I have spent the last 10 years researching and trying anything and everything to help my oldest son who was the victim of early trauma and severe neglect. In a desperate attempt to help him, and keep my family intact, I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars.. We have tried supplements, therapy, behavior coaching, and medication. He has been in a self-contained special education setting for almost 4 years. He has been hospitalized twice due to violent aggression. This summer I contacted Diane Minkner when another parent recommended Brain Integration Therapy. When I took him to see her, I was exhausted and emotionally drained. My son was still struggling…at home, at school…in life. We worked with Diane for several days straight, and have continue to keep in contact and had follow up appointments as needed. My son is a different child. The rages and voilent aggression are a thing of the past. He is happier and MUCH more pleasant to be around. The difference at school is amazing. In the past his teacher had to sit with him one on one to do math…and it still caused meltdowns. In the last few weeks she has made numerous comments about how well his is doing in Math…WITHOUT help. I fully expect him to slowly start transitioning out of the self-contained classroom. Right now he is outisde playing with his little brother….something I couldn’t trust him to do for years. They are laughing and having a good time. The neighbor girl told her mother a few weeks ago, “He is so nice mom. It’s like he has a whole new brain.” He is, in general, an age appropriate 12 year old. Diane has saved my child, and my sanity. I will forever be indebted to her for bringing my son out of the horrible trauma of his past.


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