Finding beauty in the media


Stop for one second. Listen and look around you. How much “media” are you surrounded by?

I know – it can be a lot, huh?

Here, I’ll go first:

One son is playing on the computer, one son is playing the Xbox, I am typing on my computer, my phone is right next to me, and my daughter has music playing.

Now, how much of that media has beauty in it?

I could say that the music my daughter is listening to has beauty (she is listening to Celtic Woman), but that is probably it. Although the games my sons are playing may not be “bad” or “wrong”, they are just idle. I love catching up with friends on social media, but I’m not looking at the little faces that are in the same room with me.



Maybe it is because it takes a little more effort for me to do.

Maybe it is easier to just to let the day pass by than to actively look for ways to bring beauty into my home. 

But I don’t want it to be that way. I want my home to be filled with rich, interactive, fun, full-of-laughter beauty! I want that for you, too!

First, let’s define beauty.

D R I N K  I N  T H E  W I L D  A I R

When we watch a movie, do I just let them watch the latest popular movie or do I take a little extra time to search for a movie that has a kind and beautiful message in it?

When I listen to music in the car, am I careful about the words that they are hearing? Do I protect their ears and their hearts?

The good news?

It is easy to find media that is beautiful. Many artists have beautiful, hopeful, inspiring, and brave messages! There are songs and movies and websites that are full of beauty!

We can do this!

Do you have ways that you bring beauty into your home through media? Please share it with us!