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One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to join a MOPS group.


My oldest are 14 and 11. When we decided to adopt Riley, now 3, I had completely forgotten how crazy hard toddler years are. I had forgotten how your car looks like someone opened a box of cheerios four years ago and stomped them into your carpet. I had forgotten how a week of sleepless nights can send you into hiding in the closet praying for a ten minute nap. I had forgotten how you panic at every rash and sneeze.

I needed other moms of littles who understood why I only had mascara on one eye.


I attend a wonderful parish that I love dearly, but we don’t have a MOPS group. A few friends shared with me about Scottsdale Bible Church’s MOPS group. I was so nervous that I would be the only non-church member and the oldest mom in the room, but I decided to give it a try anyways. I am so glad I did! The ladies at my table have become a support network. We are building friendships that stretch into the needs in our lives.


MOPS stands for Mothers of PreSchoolers, an international organization whose mission is to meet the needs of every mom with children from birth through kindergarten.

There is a local chapter at Scottsdale Bible Church (Shea Boulevard and Miller Road) and they are giving away a registration fee for one lucky reader! ($125 value!)

MOPS @ Scottsdale Bible Church meets on the first and third Thursday of every month, from 9:30-11:30am.

If you are a mom to young children – five and under – Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) is the perfect spot for you! Join more than 100 local moms in your life stage to learn from, laugh with, and grow together. MOPS is about meeting the needs of moms with young children by providing Biblically sound resources, encouragement and friendship. Throughout the year, special speakers will help us make a difference in our homes, kitchens, friendships and with our kids. We also routinely meet outside the MOPS meeting times for play dates, ministry opportunities and mom’s nights out.

There is a place for you at MOPS @ Scottsdale Bible Church! This year’s theme is “Be You, Bravely”.

Make sure you also check out this funny video that these gals put together. I’m sure we can all relate to the main message – none of us are perfect!  

In it to WIN IT:

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  1. I would LOVE to win this giveaway!! Our family recently moved to Scottsdale from California (where I was a part of my first MOPS group when we had just moved to the area last summer). The moms at MOPS became my closest friends, kept me sane when my husband was out of town, and helped me adapt to our new lifestyle. So when we found out we were moving to Scottsdale I was so disappointed to learn that my son’s preschool doesn’t have a MOPS group at its church…and I’ve been looking for another one to join. I’d love to meet some local moms!

    • Dear Emily, I hope we see your beautiful face at MOPS this year! Come find me the first day and I will give you a huge hug! (Feel free to check out the preview party and meet some of the gals before the year starts – )

  2. My family and I just moved here from Chicago about 6 weeks ago, and you SMB girls aren’t lying when you say it’s HOT here!!! Our realtor told us that it’s so great here, families all around, kids playing on the street, it’s such a great community. Truth is I don’t see anyone outside and if I happen to catch someone they are racing to get in thier car, shut their garage door, or pull in their garbage cans. I have come to the conclusion that AZ summers are much like Chicago winters where the people hibernate from the harsh climate. I have three beautiful girls: 15 years, 5 years, and 3 months. I have been a working mom and will be taking this year off from my teaching career to help get us settled, find our way around, and be at home with our newest addition as I hunt scorpions with my new black light (yes- I’m terrified of these creatures and super paranoid – btw loved Sarah’s post on these). My husband’s job hasn’t worked out like planned and will now be traveling for his job. I tease him that’s its kind of like he dragged me all the way to the desert and is leaving me ALONE with our three strong-willed children! Lord help me! Obviously God has some plans in store for me! We have been visiting churches in the area and just one week ago tried out Scottsdale Bible where I saw a mom wearing a MOPS shirt and thought I should check that out and here I see this post! I would love to meet some moms and make some friends here!

    • Dear Audrey, Welcome to Arizona! Yes, it’s true – everyone hides away or travels in the summer so we don’t actually melt in the pavement! I’m so sorry about your husband’s job. That makes it so hard. We have similar kid ages (mine are 14, 11, and 3). We’d love to see you at MOPS! And – feel free to check out our preview party before the year starts, so that on day one you know some names and faces!

  3. My husband I recently had a little boy only 2 weeks ago. Yay! We are beyond ecstatic to welcome him into the world! He is beautiful and perfectly healthy. We feel so blessed to be given this opportunity to raise such a perfect little boy.

    I went to a Christian college in St. Paul MN and 8 years ago and there met some girlfriends that I will remain friends with for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, I now live across the country from them! I have struggled to find new close girlfriends every since moving to AZ almost 6 years ago. I really miss the relationships I had in college with my girlfriends. Of course my husband is wonderful and we have a fantastic marriage, but it doesn’t replace the desire for good, Godly women of God to share life with! I’m hoping that the MOPS group will introduce me to other women of faith that I can share the family journey with!

    • Dear Rachel, I really hope to see you there. There is no replacement for a true community of women who treat each other with support, love, and encouragement. That is what I’ve found and it has really blessed me! And – feel free to check out our preview party before the year starts, so that on day one you know some names and faces!

    • by the way- having mommy friends is incredibly important to me. Having friends who understand what we are going through and who are on the same journey is so crucial. They say “it takes a village” and it truly does. Community with other MOPS moms just so happen to be a part of that village.

      • Tiffany, that is so true! Just to have friends who understand why getting out the door with shoes on deserves ten gold stars is priceless. And – feel free to check out our preview party before the year starts, so that on day one you know some names and faces!

  4. I would love to join MOPS at Scottsdale Bible Church! My family recently moved to Scottsdale and I was sad to leave my moms group in California, they were some of my closest friends! We have 2 wonderful kids: ages 3 and 1. We would love to get connected here! Thanks!!

    • Kristi, I hope we see you! And – feel free to check out our preview party before the year starts, so that on day one you know some names and faces!

  5. I LOVE MOPS! I was invited to join MOPS when I first became a mom in CA. Then, when I knew I was moving to AZ, MOPS was the first group I Googled, knowing this was the place I would feel welcomed and help with that transition moving with little ones. These women are the best and I love how we all support each other on this journey.

  6. We’ve been in AZ for 3 years now… I was a part of the first year of MOPS at SBC, but then my kids got too old! Now they are going into 2nd and 4th grades, but we have #3 due in a few weeks so I “qualify” for MOPS again! I loved being party of this amazing community 3 years ago, and look forward to joining again.

  7. Having other friends who are moms of young kids has been an incredible blessing as I’ve transitioned from working full time to being a full time stay at home mom with my son (now 20 months) and soon to be born daughter. There is something really sweet about being able to talk honestly about the struggles and joys of motherhood and to support each other through prayer and practical stuff like watching each others’ kids now and again to help each other out. It’s amazing what God can do through genuine community.

  8. MOPS is a wonderful group! When we moved here to AZ last year, I really missed having close mommy friends, and my kids missed the fellowship of other kids their age. I so enjoy the encouragement and prayer that other moms support me with!

  9. Having friends who are moms is such a blessing! I love being able to relate to and ask questions to my mommy friends and get REAL answers. Since transitioning from working full time to having my daughter and going back part time, to now staying at home full time -I am SO looking forward to connecting with other moms who want to raise their kids in Christ.

  10. Mommy friends are SO important. Sometimes I feel as if there couldn’t possibly be a “fix” for a problem I have or I feel like I’m the ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD feeling “this” or going through “that.” Mommy friends help ground me…make me feel like even if there aren’t answers, there are options. They always help she’d light on things that I can’t see. I don’t know what I’d do without community!!! I love my mommy friends 🙂

  11. My mommy friends have been there through thick and thin!! They understand, the encourage and they relate! My oldest is in full day kinder this year so I am finally able to join MOps!! So looking forward to some fab fellowship and meeting new friends!

  12. I have done mops in the past, and I truly enjoyed the quality time with other moms. I wasn’t planning on doing mops again this year, as we have recently moved out to Gilbert. But after seeing this blog post and the giveaway, I think I might make the drive in order to have these quality relationships.

    • Dear Moriah, I hope you do! We’d love to see you there! And – feel free to check out our preview party before the year starts, so that on day one you know some names and faces!

  13. Shared the link on Facebook. Whether I join or not, I’m hoping some other friends who see this post will come and join you.

  14. Mommy friends make you feel sane, bring you coffee when your exhausted and go to happy hour for some kid-free time – so basically, I LOVE mommy friends and loved my year spent at MOPS a few years ago, would love to do it again!

    • Dear Christine, so, so, true! We’d love for you to join us! And – feel free to check out our preview party before the year starts, so that on day one you know some names and faces!

  15. I’ve never been involved in MOPS before but I have heard such amazing this about the group. I have a 4 and 2 year old and would love to do MOPS this year.

    • Dear Alison, last year was my first year and it was truly incredible! I’d love to see you there! And – feel free to check out our preview party before the year starts, so that on day one you know some names and faces!

    • Emily – The registration fee is $125. The fee you link to above what Scottsdale Bible Church pays (per mom) to MOPS International to be affiliated with that fantastic organization. The additional money funds some of our group’s budget (SBC graciously subsidizes us) and includes the loving childcare we provide. I promise, we do not make a profit on this group – it’s the opposite and we LOVE the opportunity to serve the moms in our community. I personally apologize for any confusion and welcome additional questions at [email protected]

      – Michelle Fortin, SBC MOPS Publicity & Communications

  16. My friend Alaina told me about MOPs and how great it is. It’s so important to have other mommy friends for support. I would love to win this so I could meet other moms who I could make friendships with and share our lives together! My little girl just turned 3 and I have a little boy that is 8 months. It’s hard to find other women and really connect when you have little ones. I think MOPs is the perfect place to do this at.

    • Dear Amanda, exactly! I hope to see you there! And – feel free to check out our preview party before the year starts, so that on day one you know some names and faces!

  17. I can hardly remember my life pre-MOPS! The past 3 years have brought so many friendships, support, and a solid network. Can’t imagine doing life without these amazing girlfriends.

  18. There is nothing better than mommy friends! It’s so nice to have ladies that just get it. Sometimes I just want to know I’m normal for not wanting to wipe another kids booty or nose. Then I remember what an amazing miracle and gift parenting is. Mommy/MOPS friends make this journey so much more fun!

  19. I’m a brand new first time mamma and I would love to join the MOPS group. The encouragement and wisdom from other mammas is so important! I need to soak up all I can!

    • I hope this is the Jinny I think it is! We would LOVE to have you! I hope to see you there!!! And – feel free to check out our preview party before the year starts, so that on day one you know some names and faces!

  20. I love my mommy friends…I have no clue what I would do without them! They are such a blessing. Life gets hard and it’s so nice to know that they have my back no matter what and I have theirs. It’s wonderful to connect w/ other moms on so many levels and know that you aren’t alone in this (sometimes crazy, but amazing) journey of motherhood! <3 Shared on twitter & Facebook! 🙂

  21. I am new to momming (my son Silas is almost 6 months old!) and new to Phoenix. My husband and I moved here 1 year ago from Minnesota, following a job offer. The hardest part of the decision to move here was leaving my family. I am adopted and my family means the world to me. I was anxious to be away from my family; that was before we found out we were pregnant. We found out we were pregnant a couple months after we moved down here, and while we were desperately happy to finally be pregnant (we’d been hoping for this for 6 years!), I was so sad that we would be away from the support and love of my mother and sisters (and all my family. but most especially the moms).

    I have one close mommy friend here in the valley and her friendship means the world to me, especially since I’m such an introvert and struggle in social settings. I would so love the opportunity to meet new mommy’s and start new friendships.

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! What a great opportunity for those of use who might not have the financial means to come.

  22. I’m blessed to have quite a few mommy friends around me. Some may be farther in distance than others, some I may mostly communicate with through text or social media and some i’m able to see in person weekly. All are such a huge blessing and I honestly don’t know how I would get through some days with out them and Jesus! Being a mommy is hard work, but its also one of the greatest blessings there is. I LOVE being able to walk beside my friends through these fun and trying times, to share laugh, to cry, to just be there for one another. I’m really looking forward to this MOPS group and meeting more mommy’s! This giveaway would also help big time financially since i’m pregnant with our second and we live about 40 minutes away. I know it will be worth the money and the drive either way though 🙂

    Shared on Twitter and Facebook!

  23. I did mops my very first year of mommyhood and loved it! Mom friends are so important…. Someone that just gets you 😉 I would love to be able to do mops this year!!

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