You Know It’s Summer in Scottsdale When…


Just had to re-publish this one from the archives… too true not to share it again!!!

Scottsdalesummerheat This is in honor of all our Scottsdale-mom sisters fighting the good fight to keep their families cool and their children sane this summer. Let’s take a moment to commiserate (and laugh) about some of the truisms that only a fellow Scottsdale mom could understand about summer in Scottsdale. So humor us for a minute and please – please – add your own to our list. Because… You know it’s summer in Scottsdale when…

  1. Your iPhone looks like the above picture at some point.
  2. The average age drops by 30+ years and you go weeks without seeing a Midwestern state’s license plate.
  3. Your children cry every time you put them in the car.
  4. You get front row parking at Kierland Commons.
  5. You stock up on some incidental grocery items (milk, OJ, fruit) at the nearest drive-thru restaurant to avoid getting the kids out of the car.
  6. You carry a massive bottle of sunscreen in your purse.
  7. You avoid turning on the oven like the plague.
  8. You run into your neighbor – in San Diego.
  9. You can actually afford to stay at a local resort.
  10. You drive around a parking lot 10 times to find a shaded parking space.
  11. You find yourself looking for which store opens earliest – out by 7am and home by 9am to beat the heat.
  12. Otter Pops are part of the four basic food groups.
  13. You’re excited for Saturday because the high is only 104 degrees.
  14. You think of a 1000 ways to use Amazon Prime and other means of home delivery just to avoid packing the kids in the car.
  15. You’ve seen all the Netflix instant movies and are considering upgrading.
  16. You have to buy a separate attachable fan for your rear-facing car seat otherwise your baby overheats.
  17. You buy a car seat cooler to keep the seats cool while you’re at the Children’s Museum.
  18. You take your family photos at 6am in the morning.
  19. The only humidity you feel is coming from the misters spraying at various shopping centers around town (until monsoon season of course).
  20. Then once monsoon season hits you have to hear the local news station’s obnoxious and dramatic Storm Watch tagline for a whole month. (It really is all they get all year as far as torrential weather goes…)
  21. You can’t actually run a cold cycle on the washing machine and you have to wait for your tap water to cool down rather than heat up.
  22. You’re seriously considering investing in one of those automatic car ignition starters.
  23. The chances of your car battery going dead seem to multiply tenfold.
  24. You need insulated bags and ice to ensure your groceries don’t spoil on your way home from the  store.
  25. On the bright side, you rarely need to make reservations at your favorite restaurant.

There you have it Scottsdale-mom friends. What did we miss? What truism screams summer in Scottsdale for you? We’d love to have you add to our list or just let us know which of these ring true for you.



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