5 Wedding Gift ideas for this 2014 season


Wedding gifts

Here in the Valley of the Sun, weddings between June and September are practically obsolete. 

Bottom line, it’s just too darn hot. Even if the wedding is taking place indoors, just getting from the parking lot to the venue could cause the need for a shower. Forget about wearing your favorite silk maxi!

However, chances are good that you may be attending a wedding at another destination where a fabulous, unique and original wedding gift will be required!

Sure, cash is great, but an original, authentic and thoughtful gift at an occasion as special as a couple’s nuptials really is priceless.

Get noticed with 5 of the best Wedding Gift ideas for this 2014 season!

1. Give the couple something they can DO (not use) on their first wedding anniversary!



Many guests will give the couple “things to use”–toasters, blenders, 1000 thread count sheets. Instead, gift an adventure, an experience and/or an opportunity to make memories together. Purchase an hour long photo shoot from a photographer in their area to capture photos of the couple in their home, in their wedding attire, one blessed year later! A few shots eating their wedding cake on their one year anniversay are sure to bring big smiles and maybe even a few sour faces!

2: Wrap up a great bottle of bubbly!

IMG_2476 copyI mean, need I say more? I love great Champagne, but I rarely (yes, even at my wedding) buy it for myself. A great bottle of bubbly is something any avid or even future wino will appreciate. Add a small handwritten tag to instruct the couple to enjoy it on their honeymoon or first anniversary.

3: Gift the new love birds something that reflects their personal style


Does the Bride love Vintage? Groom is a sucker for Houndstooth? A gift that the couple can use in their new love nest is sure to remind them of their bond with you as their wedding guest and sure to get a bunch of use! Try a blanket, a set of statement making throw pillows or a small but colorful doormat or kitchen rug.

4: Got a couple of adventurers on your hands?

10af4ceb40e21ad3d03c71b2f5216c61It might not be your “go to” wedding gift but for those couples who travel often or have a bucket list of destinations before they begin a family, a great set of luggage would be perfect! Both useful and one of those items that is painful to buy for yourself! Really get personal by adding a chic set of His & Hers luggage tags to compliment the style of selected luggage.

5: Give the gift of music, another love language

aa96aced67852fbd7581ae187abcc3b9If the Bride and Groom are a couple of music lovers, give them a gift in one of the languages of love- MUSIC! Get these two swaying and grooving to the beat with a pair of concert tickets. Perhaps some luck will be on your side and one of the bands they saw live in their early dating days will be in their neck of the woods!

Enjoy all of the love in the air this wedding season, and don’t settle for gifting something ordinary! Be inspired to bless the couple with your originality and thoughtfulness! ‘Tis the season (wedding season that is)!




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