6 Reasons to love Vacation Bible School {With links to local VBS programs in Scottsdale!}


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I Love Vacation Bible School!

As a former “camper”, a regular volunteer, and a mom of kiddos who always attend, I just have a soft spot in my heart for VBS!

I have great memories of attending VBS at Scottsdale Bible as a young child, volunteering with kindergarteners at Valley Presbyterian in High School, and, in the last few years, performing on stage in crazy costumes at Covenant Community  in North Scottsdale (sidenote— thanks to this particular experience, there are way too many photos of me in sparkly fish costumes on Facebook)

Every family has their own religious beliefs and traditions so of course, VBS may not be a fit for everyone.

However, if you’re open to the idea of church or wanted to check out a local church in your area, VBS could be a great idea for your children this summer. {And if not, I’d encourage you to check at your family’s place to faith to see if they are offering any summer children’s programs}

So here are my top 6 reasons why a Scottsdale Mom should consider looking into a VBS this summer!

1. We so MEANT to go to church… but, um, well…

The spiritual education of our children is a big priority in our home,  like really big. But even with the highest of hopes, getting to church every Sunday just doesn’t seem to happen. Napping infants, toddlers with fevers, family trips and obligations—it’s just not as easy as I ever expected! But that’s just another reason I heart Vacation Bible School. VBS is like a week-long do-over for parents who had great intentions all year long, but couldn’t quite make church the priority they had planned. It’s a years worth of Sunday School rolled into one fun-filled week!

2. My kiddos love their teachers

VBS is usually staffed by volunteers. Sure, we’ve all had great experiences with paid teachers all year long, but there’s just something so sweet about people donating their time to make it a special experience for children.

3. Nice to REALLY meet you

Whether you’ve just visited a church once or twice, or you attend… well, religiously :), it’s easy to walk through the doors, do the church thing, and walk right out again. VBS offers moms a chance to get involved and get to know the people they always see on Sunday, but never really talk with. I love any opportunity to build up a community and Vacation Bible School is a great chance to do just that!

4.  A whole new crop of songs to get stuck in your head

It really has to stop. As a self-respecting woman in my mid-thirties, I can no longer walk through this city humming “Love is an Open Door” (especially the part where I enthusiastically yell out:  Jinx! Jinx Again!” Seriously, that’s just embarrassing!)

Children at VBS are always introduced to a bunch of new catchy tunes and usually given a CD to take home at the end! Although, if I really think about it, is a women strolling through Safeway singing Jump, jump, jump into the light-light, light! Run, run, run away from what’s not right!”  really any better than “Do you want to build a snowman?”

5. Snacks, Crafts, and Skits! Oh my!

I’m not sure exactly why, but I’ve never heard of a Vacation Bible School that didn’t take snacktime, craft-making and a grand musical performance of Bible Stories with the utmost of seriousness! It’s like Pinterest exploded all over the church cafeteria! Again, I’m pretty not sure this tradition is not like an “Official theological teaching”, but it may as well be!

6. Kinda nice on the pocketbook.

Thanks to the generosity of the hosting church, VBS is usually a bargain for families. It’s a week of non-stop activity for your children at a fraction of the cost of many summer camps (or even sometime free!)  With multiple kids and many long weeks of heat to fill, this can be a “blessing” to the budget!

Here’s  just a sampling of some local  VBS programs and dates to help you  find one for your children.  Please comment with any churches I forgot, OR any other summer programs:  ***Churches listed in alphabetical order. This list is meant to offer information to our readers. It is not an endorsement or promotion by Scottsdale Moms Blog.


Bethany Lutheran Church, July 8-11

Camelback Bible Church, June 9-13

Chaparral Christian Church, July 7-11

Christ Church of the Ascension, June 2-6

Desert Springs Bible Church, June 9-13

Living Streams Church, June 9-13

Mountain View Presbyterian Church, June 9-13

North Scottsdale United Methodist Church, June 16-20

Northridge Community Church, July 28-August 1

Paradise Valley United Methodist Church, July 14-18

Pinnacle Peak Presbyterian, June 2-6

Phoenix First Assembly, June 23-27

Scottsdale Bible Church, June 9-13

Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran Church June 2-6

St. Theresa Catholic Parish, June 23-27

Valley Presbyterian Church, June 23-June 27


  1. Oh my fellow fish and grape and caterpillar! I miss you!! VBS Drama performances are seriously some of my most favorite memories with you!! I am sure the kids had a great time too…

  2. Hi Kirsten –
    I help run an awesome VBS in PV! It is held at Christ Church of the Ascension 4015 E. Lincoln Dr. Paradise Valley, AZ 85253; 602-840-8210; http://www.ccaaz.org. It runs June 2-6 from 9 a.m. to noon and is donation based. This year’s theme is “Surfin’ on the Mount – Surf’s Up!” All are welcome! I would LOVE it if you would please consider adding this to your list. Thank you. 🙂

  3. Thank you for this great comprehensive list that I have been looking for. I have always loved VBS and the idea of a few of them over the summer is the best especially for my three year old who really cannot attend any specialty camps but also needs to get out of the house a little.

  4. In the Cave Creek/Carefree area we have two VBS programs going on that I didn’t see listed.

    Our Lady of Joy – ADVENTURES AROUND THE WORLD WITH OUR LADY: Ages 4 years to 5th Grade, $35, June 23-27, 2014, 7:45am-12pm, Place: Our Lady of Joy Parish Hall. Registration forms are available and the church, parish office and preschool. Registration ends June 9th.

    St. Gabriel’s – WEIRD ANIMALS – “Where Jesus’ love is one-of-a-kind:” For children who have completed K-grade 5, $40 per child, June 9-13, 9:00am to noon. Registration form available here – http://www.stgacc.org/Portals/0/editors/files/Formation/Registration%20Form.pdf.

    Thank you!

  5. Your VBS list last year was great. Will you do another one for 2015? If so, could you please include the VBS program offered by Living Water Lutheran Church in mid-June? Your blog readers can learn more about this week-long program in North Scottsdale by visiting http://www.lwlcaz.org/vbs. Thanks.


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