Adoption, Backwards and Upside Down


February of 2013, we met a very special little redhead that we are now in the process of adopting.

In October of 2012, my husband Brian and I decided to grow our family by adoption. We contacted an agency and we were scheduled for a meeting in January of 2013. The day of the meeting came and the entire family had the flu. I remember being so upset.

Why were we being put on hold? Weren’t we supposed to meet with this agency? Weren’t we supposed to find a little one to add to our family?

And then, on February 12th, a dear friend shared a prayer request with me. She knew of a little boy that needed a home and would I be willing to pray with her? I stood their shocked. We had only told our parents of our plans.

We hadn’t been to any classes. We hadn’t been to any meetings. We hadn’t had our home study.

But we knew.

This was the little boy that we were supposed to find.

That night, I drove home, talked with my husband, and he had me call our friend right there to tell her yes.

Yes, we wanted to meet him. Yes, we didn’t know what the future held. Yes, we were doing this all backwards, but… Yes.

If you are considering adoption, you may think there is a to-do list ten miles long before you can start. You may have been told that you must have certain classes under your belt before you can even sign up to adopt.

The only thing you truly need is yes.

Saying Yes to the unknown, saying Yes to the “what-ifs”, saying Yes to loving a little one who needs you.

So here we are – backwards and upside down – holding on tight and saying yes.

Kate's iPhone-69  {from our very first walk together}


  1. Well if that didn’t just make me tear right up! Love your little redhead. Thank you so much for this beautiful my-new-favorite post. Love your heart!

  2. […] And then, I was invited to photograph a friend’s adoption ceremony. As we crowded into the courtroom last week and the judge shed tears of thankfulness for this beautiful family, all of my selfishness and need to control melted away. It didn’t matter that they had been waiting for 16 months.  It didn’t matter that this was their 3rd foster child. All that mattered was that they said ‘yes’. […]


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