Three Science Experiments That Will WOW Your Preschooler


ScienceBlogOne of the greatest joys of parenting is sparking the natural curiosity and wonder that comes built into our little people.  They offer us a fresh perspective of the world around us and restore innocence that is lost in the doldrums of adulthood. This is precisely why I absolutely love introducing my kids to the wonder of science.

Here are three simple science experiments my preschooler loves:

1.  Exploring Capillary Action: Show your children how a liquid can literally defy gravity and flow into a small space without any external force.

Supplies needed: 2 White carnations or two stalks of celery with leaves, water, red and blue food coloring, 2 clear jars or glasses.

Directions: Place the carnations or celery stalk into separate jars.  Add water and a few drops of different food coloring into each jar.  Allow the jars to sit for a day or so and watch as the colors change!

2. Build a Rocket: Your little ones will love launching their homemade rocket into the air.

Supplies needed: Alka-seltzer tablets, water, and plastic film containers with inverted lids. (Side note: At this point you’re probably thinking I’m crazy because we live in 2014 and NO ONE USES FILM.  I am aware of this, which is why you can purchase containers HERE.)

Directions: Break Alka-seltzer tablets in half. Place a half piece into the canister.  Add water to about 1/3 or 1/2 full and QUICKLY put on lid. Set container on the ground and stand back to watch it explode.

Just for fun: You can also have your children create a “rocket launcher” by decorating an empty toilet paper roll and then placing the film container inside the roll.

3. Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk: A fun twist on an old classic, turn your child’s sidewalk art into a fizzing fun time!

Supplies needed:  Box of baking soda, 1/2 cup cornstarch, 1 cup warm water, food coloring, and a spray bottle filled with vinegar.

Directions:  Mix baking soda, cornstarch, water and food coloring to a paint consistency.  Give your child a paint brush and let them paint the sidewalk in their favorite design or have them practice painting letters and write their name. When they are done painting, have them spray down their art and watch it sizzle!


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