Belly Diaries| 33 Weeks & A Babymoon?

The Belly Diaries LogoIf you’re just tuning in, Renee is a local mama of 1 little boy and is chronicling her second pregnancy as part of  The Belly Diaries.  Click here to read the first post in her series,  here to learn about the “cowboy big-brother”, and here  for her post on Hypnobabies. Enjoy!

33 Weeks {When is the Babymoon?}

When Mike and I were expecting Luke, we went on a weekend getaway road trip from our Orange County home up the coast of California to Cambria.Baby Moon for first baby It was a romantic trip with a stay in a boutique hotel, Pelican Inn. There were leisurely stops in antique stores, a birthday lunch in the cafe at the Madonna Inn, and a giant slice of pink champagne cake with curls of pink chocolate on top to celebrate my birthday (and our baby’s upcoming birth-day!)

We slept in, walked along the beach, went to watch the sea lions bathing in the sun, and took a tour at one of our favorite places, Hearst Castle. We took the time to celebrate our life as a couple and talk about our hopes, fears and expectations as parents. 

Going from a family of three to a family of four is a totally different experience. 

We wanted to getaway again before the baby comes, but romantic trip… just the two of us…well, that wasn’t possible. We decided to take another road trip! But this time we celebrated our son, Luke, and our life as a family of three.

What better place to celebrate with a two and a half year old than Disneyland? We headed out early Friday morning and drove to California is a car car stocked with snacks and classic kid’s songs. Luke had never been to Disneyland, and only recently, started watching a few Disney cartoons. But Clubhouse Mickey happens to be one of his favorites –and he loves Goofy! 

BabyMoon for Second BabyDisney was magical.

It happened to be the start of Spring Break season, so lines were long and the park was packed. Mike and I both had favorites we wanted to show Luke and loved just sitting back watching his expression as he experienced it all for the first time. It was hot, some of our favorite rides were closed, and my feet swelled from running around all day and waiting in half hour lines. But seeing the joy and excitement in Luke’s eyes as we waited in line to meet Goofy made it all worthwhile. He has not stopped talking about our trip!

Was it a Babymoon? Okay- maybe not, but we sure created some amazing family memories.

Now we are looking forward to a different kind of Babymoon. My husband will be home from work for a few weeks after the new baby comes and that’s when we’re planning to bond with our new little one and celebrate being a family of four. 

Did you go on a Babymoon? Was it before or after your baby was born?





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