5 ways to perk up your home with $100 or less!


5 ways to perk up your home for $100 or less

While most of the country has been in this crazy polar vortex thing for what seems like weeks… heck, months now, here in AZ, we’ve been incredibly blessed with many a sunshiny day and cloudless skies! But, sometimes even the sunniest of days can’t get you out of the funk your home may have fallen into post-holiday! With Spring just around the corner, take this opportunity to perk up your home, and refresh the way it looks and feels.

You can make some major impact with a pinch of strategy and a little bit of cash!

Let’s start with the basics:


Fresh Flowers to perk up your kitchen or bathroom space

Pretty self-explanatory… yes they die, but while they are living, and in their prime, they bring such a lively boost to your kitchen counter, bathroom or night stand! You could also outfit every room with fresh stems for less than $50!


Hard-wired lighting can be viewed as incredibly permanent, but here’s the thing… it’s not! It’s so NOT permanent!  Venture out online or in store and select a statement piece for the most tired space. The fixture over your Breakfast Nook or Dining Room table would be a great place, or tackle the entry way light! Your favorite big box hardware stores have a variety of fixture options for less than $100!


Colorful and printed pillows and throws to perk up your home decor

Not rocket science, I know- but it’s often overlooked. Pillows can show wear and tear fairly easily. They also tend to fade into the background of your couch and chairs shortly after settling in. Add a fresh, dynamic look with colorful and printed pillows and throw blankets. You should be able to find some gorgeous new additions at about $20 bucks each! Walk on the wild side and try adding a neutral animal print or a chunky cabana stripe! If you’ve got a great pillow collection already, ground your furnishings with a bold new rug! Don’t break the bank, just find one with a low pile and a great print to get you through the coming season!


I always vote for a little TLC in your Master Bedroom. It is typically one of the spaces that gets neglected most! The reasons behind such negligence are actually very sweet; most of us are selfless. We’re too busy worrying about everyone else in the home to dedicate time and energy to our own resting place. Your bedroom really should be your oasis, where you can rest your head and recharge. New bed linens make the perfect “me time” addition to your home. Although those great colors and prints are a complete MUST in your living space, you may want to opt for solid colors in your actual linen. They are more tranquil and comforting… Ah, I am starting to feel very sleepy…!


Gallery Wall

Big or small, a Gallery Wall injects life into whatever space it’s located. All of those big smiles, sandy beach pictures, weddings, baby showers, birthday parties and visits to national parks give a positive reminder and essence of the way you and your family felt the day those photos were taken. Let that joy radiate through your home! Don’t over think this one… a gallery wall can be rather intimidating, but it really doesn’t have to be! Five to ten photos is a great start for a small hallway or transition wall, and editing your photos to all black and white could be a fun and artsy way to unify the varying looks of the photos. Or for a real pop- use your Instagram photos!

 Enjoy these ideas and happy updating! 


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  1. HELP! I need a new living room set. I’ve been to a few stores and nothing has caught my eye.Any ideas of where to get one that is affordable and would work well with kids? TIA

    • Thanks for reading Shamira! I’m loving Living Spaces lately! They’re are now under the creative direction of Jeff Lewis, a very famous and classic designer, and I’ve already seen great things! If you’ve got kiddos, I’m not a huge fan of a big investment because no matter how disciplined you are, something spills. Go with something that is brown, tan, or gray to create a great color story, but is durable and forgivable! Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks for this! It’s the simple things that we often forget about that can change the ‘feel’ of a room. I’m new here, my husband, son and I are moving to Phoenix in a few months (from New Zealand). We’ll be renting initially so simple things like these will help us make it home.

    Looking for like-minded bloggers and new friends.
    Holly x

    • Holly! WOW! All the way from NZ! That’s awesome! Welcome to PHX area! You are going to LOVE it here! Please, I encourage you to stay active on this blog and make lots and lots of new contacts! Safe travels and welcome to the desert!

        • Hi Holly – just saw your comment and had to reply that my BFF and her family live in Auckland! Hope your transition to the Valley is as seamless as possible. Welcome!

          • Thanks Rebecca!

            My husband is there now so it’s a bit tough being so far from each other. It’s a lot easier with skype!

            Thanks again

  3. I flunked on telling you what a great post you gave! We replaced several lighting fixtures in our previous home before selling and we were amazed at what a difference it made to the overall feel of each room. Great suggestions!! Thanks, friend!


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