Go Time!: A Crawler’s How-To Guide to Destruction

The joys–and messes!– a crawler can create are amazing! Gone are the days of cuddling all day on the sofa. He’s on the move and that means… So. Am. I.  Enjoy this little note from my Crawler to yours!
Crawling is awesome — It is!
You just get to let loose and Go!
There’s a whole world to explore
– shelves, cupboards and drawers –
But that Mom-lady sure likes to say “No”...
You gotta be quick, while she’s busy;
Trust me, you won’t have much time.
She’ll find you and then
it’s game over, my friend.
She’ll put your new toy waaay up high.
Toilets are my personal favorites,
though dog bowls are pretty darn great.
And then there are STAIRS!
Oh!! Nothing compares!!
…’Til Mom buys a big baby gate.
Now, look. On the day when that happens
Don’t lose heart, for you’ll see:
There’s crumbs, rocks and grit
where little fingers can fit.
(But you didn’t hear it from me.)
 There’s books to be pulled off of shelves
whose pages will rip with a touch.
There’s the cord I once bited;
Mom sure got excited…
And that’s how I met Dr. Lutz.  (nice guy!)
You and your mom will agree:
There’s one night a month that’s the best.
It’s called “Mom’s Night Out”;
You’ll love it – no doubt! –
‘Cause dads pretty much just say “Yes”.



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