‘Twas the Day After Christmas {a mom’s morning after tale}


Here’s one last post from our Christmas Archives that was so cute we couldn’t wait to share it again!

‘Twas the Day After Christmas

‘Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the house;
Not a child was sleeping, only the spouse.

The stockings were strewn all about with no care;
And piles of wrappings could be seen everywhere.

Clad in a t-shirt, new Toms and some jeans;
I went to the kitchen and started to clean.

When all of a sudden there arose such a clatter;
My mommy instinct knew there was something the matter.

I rushed to the living room and what do I see;
The cat had finally climbed the Christmas tree.

To the star on the top I could see her paws cling;
While four little children watched the whole thing.

I made my way over to the tree with great care;
hurdled some boxes, leapt over a chair.

Then all of a sudden I let out a scream;
I had stepped on a lego, darn those nasty things.

 I gingerly placed my foot back on the floor;
And glanced at the cat in the tree once more.

The star had crashed down, the Christmas tree swayed;
The ornaments flew in a glittery cascade.

The cat leapt on me, I felt her claws rip;
As the Christmast tree had started to tip.

Then fell to the floor with a shattering crash;
With sadness I knew my ornaments were trash.

I looked around at this frightful war zone;
What is this place?  Oh yeah, it’s my home.

Four pairs of eyes were all turned to me;
Sure, now they’re quiet, I get it, I see.

I set down the cat, gazed around with a stare;
I knew it wasn’t safe to step anywhere.

Made my way to the kitchen, grabbed my coffee cup;
turned to the kids and said with a gruff

“I’m going back to bed – you guys get to clean up.”

Happy post-Holidays to you and yours.
May your day be filled with as many memories as mine.



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