Reasons my Child is Crying


If you’ve ever had a toddler,  you’ll love this.  Because if you’ve ever had a toddler, you’ll know that they cry for any reason and most of them are irrational.

They cry when they get things they want, they cry when they get things they don’t want.  They cry for anything and everything under the sun.  Which is why this brilliant dad started chronicling his son’s crying and turned them into humorous blog genius.

I love that anyone can add to this!  So on that day when your child is pushing your last button and you can’t understand why they are crying over the fact that they wanted pasta for lunch so you gave them pasta – you can snap a picture and laugh; like I did today!

For these reasons my child is crying:

I told him he couldn’t go to Butterfly Wonderland in just his diaper.

photo (4)

I called him Judah (which is his name)

photo (5)

What are some of the crazy reasons your child is crying??


  1. Ugh! Been there!

    Yesterday my child cried cause:
    – I would not take her to Starbucks for a treat
    – the bee we saw 2 hours before outside might get her in the house
    – I made her try one bite of her dinner, the one she asked for


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