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For the last several years we’ve never had a fixed budget when it comes to Holiday spending.  Sure, we always have an idea on what we are going to spend, but not a fixed, specific, intentional budget.  With the increased cost in…well…everything, our household has tightened up and become more specific with how we spend our money. In fact, one of our 2013 goals was to be intentional with everything we spend,  and I’m pleased to say that we have been very thoughtful about our budget. 

But, as the Holidays are rolling in, I’m left with some big question marks that I would love to pose to you, our readers.  We have a large extended family, and we exchange gifts with all of them.

How do you budget the holidays?  Do you plan a fixed amount per person?  Do you plan a fixed number of gifts per person?  What about in your immediate family?  Do you spend the same amount on each child or do you do the same number of gifts so everyone has something to open?  Possibly both?  

Share with me!!  What’s your best holiday budget strategy??


  1. My husband is the general manager of AZ’s biggest guitar store. We have to start budgeting for holidays a few months in advance. We have an idea of what we want to get our boys, what we can realistically spend on family, and budget for a Christmas Angel in lieu of exchanging big presents for ourselves. It isn’t easy, but this means each and every present we purchase was chosen specifically for someone – not just some $50 throw away on anything. Every present has a purpose and the intent shows.

  2. We budget a specific amount for kids gifts, adult gifts and gifts for immediate family (hubby, me, daughter and our parents). Then we save throughout the year yo make sure we’ve got it covered come December. Sometimes someone will get a “big” gift while another will get several smaller ones. It just all depends. Luckily no one in my family keeps track of quantity. 😉


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