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Chances are, if you have kids you have either taken a CPR course, or at least thought about how you needed to.  I unfortunately had fallen in to the camp of ‘knowing I needed to‘ but had not done anything about it.  Yes, bad mom here!  I was always nervous that Bray would choke or something terrible would happen and I would not have a clue as to what to do.  So yes, I should have taken a class before he was even born ( 1 1/2 years ago,) but now, well now I had no excuse.

A local valley couple created my reason to not have an excuse:  an online CPR training course, that is not only easy, informative, and precise, but its FREAKING online!  I didn’t have to leave my couch during Brays nap-time, and now I am trained in how to save him, and others lives.  I love it! has training for Infant CPR {0-1}, Child CPR {1-8years old}, and Adult CPR.  The website makes it really easy to figure out what to do, so for even those out there that consider themselves ‘not tech savvy’, YOU can do it:)  There are training videos, worksheets to review the info in writing, quizzes to make sure you fully grasped everything, and a training certificate to print out at the end.

While I was doing the training videos there was so much that I was totally surprised by.  I thought that I already knew some of the basics in my head, but man I would have had no idea what I was doing if a situation ever had actually arisen. Each program costs $35, and is worth every penny to me now that I feel 100% confident in what to do in any and all scary situations.  And I love the fact that I got to do it at home.  Another amazing thing about this program is that you have complete access to it for two full years. Forgot a little detail? Just l0g back in! Refresh yourself.

So?  If you haven’t taken a course yet, or have forgotten important details…whats your excuse now?! After all, nothing is more important than being prepared for our kids.

Our local friends over at are being awesome and giving any Scottsdale mama $10 OFF any course, just used the promo code “scottsdalemom”.



  1. Thanks for the great website. I purchased a course, but unfortunately the promo code didn’t work. Just wanted to give you a heads up on that.


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