The Phone Number Every Scottsdale Mom Needs to Know!


I must warn you, after reading this blog post, you will feel itchy and uncomfortable. Read ahead at your own risk! 


The school nurse called and said those two words you never want to hear, “head lice.”

“Ugh,” I thought, “there goes our weekend.”

I was following the steps on the lice kit box from the drug store when I got multiple texts from my friends – “Call the Lice Mom!”

“Wait, there is a Lice Mom? REALLY? But I am following the directions from the box? Isn’t that what you are supposed to do?”

Oh how wrong I was and how much I would learn over the next few hours.

I was at step two, combing out one daughter’s hair. I was less than 10% done with her head and I had already removed a dozen eggs (or so I thought).  I just couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to be looking for and removing. Everywhere I looked there was more and more.

At this point, I was thinking, “I have to do this for all three girls’ long hair. I will then somehow have to do this for my own hair. Maybe I should just shave the whole family’s heads. Really that would be easier. It is just hair, it will grow back.” And then I called the Professional Lice Mom, Melanie.

Melanie came over to my house in about one hour. She went through the whole family’s hair and saved us.


She taught me so much. Such as that those drug store kits are worthless. They don’t even kill the head lice anymore because the lice are now resistant. I think she proved this when she pulled several live, baby lice from my daughter’s head an hour after I shampooed her heavily with the anti-lice shampoo.

I also learned that the white eggs I was pulling out are really egg casings from hatched eggs. I couldn’t even see the un-hatched brown eggs against my daughter’s brown hair.

In the end, only the one kid ended up having any lice. I have no idea how that is possible when we all share hairbrushes. But I am so thankful that we actually caught it early, before it could spread to the whole house.

If you run into this unfortunate problem, call Melanie! Or just save her number now into your phone, so you can call her as you are leaving the school with your lice-infested child.

Professional Lice Mom: Melanie Jones

She will save your life too before you want to shave your whole family’s heads. My visit cost less than $100 (she bills based on time and travel). Plus, I received a little kit to keep checking the kids daily now that I know what to look for. And just in case, Melanie came back the next week to re-check all of our hair.

The peace of mind that she provides is worth every penny!


  1. About a week ago, I contacted Melanie due to my daughter battling with head lice for about 7-8 months. My daughter was in contact with someone with head lice from her daycare, when the teacher told me, I was upset and sad at the same time, dreading this moment would come. As a worried mother that I am, I rushed to the pharmacy store to buy the chemical products that promise to remove head lice. I did everything as instructed as well as cleaned out her bedroom, for later finding out that this war with head lice had just begun. I bought over $100 dollars worth of products, days, and hours combing out her hair and everything you can think of I tried! Until I said one day I’ve had it with this! Is there anyone that can do this for me because I am so tired of trying and nothing was working. I got online and searched for someone to do these type of services until I came across Melanie’s website. I immediately contacted her, got her info and went to her house to buy the Do It Yourself Kit. I cannot lie to you, even with the first comb through the lice came out like butter. it was incredible, at the same time disgusting, (but I was finally happy to see fast results) her kit is very easy to understand it has step by step instructions, and even Melanie herself said if I had any questions to please not hesitate to call for anything. I felt pleased and had hope. Now a week later I did the second treatment and my daughter is lice free! Ridiculous as it may sound I can be happy once again, I can enjoy doing my daughter’s hair and seeing her out of pain and itch is the best of all. I cant thank Melanie enough for this wonderful product she has created and best of all it is effective. I am pleased to recommend this product to any mom dealing with head lice, I know the struggle and it is not fun. Thanks again Melanie, and I hope I can help the rest of you mom’s out there second guessing harmful products that do not work. Stop looking around because the solution is here! 🙂

  2. My girlfriend showed me your site, and I can’t shack feeling of walking into women cloth store together with my girl. Let me just say that I like it. I am a cell phone technician and I get to drive to moms and fix their cell phones because I work on road in the valley and it help moms to stay home and get things done instead of get ready and drive twice to a shop to do the same.

    Good luck with your website. 🙂


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