Baby’s First Ultrasound


Ultrasounds are always exciting. It’s a chance to see your baby, to find out the gender, and of course, to make sure that everything is looking good in there. So while they are certainly fun, there is also that anxiety that lingers in the back of your mind. You want to know the gender, but your chief concern is to hear that you have a healthy baby!

A couple weeks before my scheduled ultrasound with my doctor, we decided to go do a gender reveal only. We were referred by a friend of ours to a spot in Phoenix called Baby’s First Ultrasound, located on 16th street and Colter.

It. Was. Awesome.

They offer all different kinds of packages for viewing your little one in 3D and 4D. You can bring up to 20 people and everyone can watch on a huge screen as you have a private viewing session for whatever length of time you choose. We chose the Gender Reveal Package. It wasn’t expensive, lasted about 20 minutes, and, since it wasn’t my official doctor,  they only were able to tell us the gender of our baby. We invited family only to come and watch. It was quick, the staff was incredibly nice to us, and the tech was very personable and made the whole experience FUN! When she announced, “IT’S A GIRL!” it was really special to have all my family there to celebrate with us.

Scottsdale Moms Blog, Gender Reveal, Pregnancy

You guys, It was seriously the coolest way to find out the gender of your baby!

Then the tech spent a little bit of time trying to get a good 3D shot of her face, which proved to be hard because she was still so tiny. Once she was done, she congratulated us and we all cried, passed out pink cookies to celebrate, and went out to lunch afterwards.

Scottsdale Moms Blog, Gender Reveal, Pregnancy

We were shocked, elated, ecstatic, and freaking-out-excited! I STILL have moments where I’m like, “OMG WE ARE HAVING A GIRL.” We have two boys, so switching into ‘girl mode’ has been a fun change of pace and I’m already collecting so much PINK!

So if you are pregnant currently, or plan to be in the future, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Baby’s First Ultrasound. It was such an amazing way to discover the gender of our sweet little one and was worth every single penny. I only wish I had known about it with my other two!

*This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive anything in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.


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