Our Crazy House Rules


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On an almost daily basis, these sentences come out of my mouth. As I say these words, I often think, “Really?! I can’t believe I have to say this!”

Alas, this is the life of a mother of small children.

House Rules I never thought I would need to create:

          “Underneath the couch is not a trash can.”

Seriously! I find all sorts of miscellaneous wrappers, broken toys, and paper under there.

          “If you find it on the floor, don’t eat it.”

Or even taste it to see if it is edible.

          “No licking people.”

 Not even if you are pretending to be a dog/cat or other animal.

          “If you want to leave the house today, you must be wearing underwear.”

No exceptions!

          “No taking your snack into the bathroom.”

 Food does not belong in there.

Anyone want to add any other good ones to the list?! I would love to hear your outrageous “house rules”.


  1. With an emotionally disabled child, we have some seriously whacky rules!! One? If you pee on accident, Mommy will clean it up. If you pee on the floor on purpose, you clean it up.”

    I think all the time, “who AM I??” This is craaazy. Lolol


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