I’m Pregnant! But Now My Clothes Don’t Fit.


So, the cat was out of the bag a couple of months ago, but I haven’t officially announced it here. The Big News?  Yes, my husband, family and I are EXPECTING our THIRD baby in February!

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We are SO excited and can’t wait to meet this little one. Things have been going fairly well too! I’m pretty blessed with somewhat easy pregnancies. I’ve only had a few bad “sick” days and I’m not much grumpier than I normally am (HA!).

However,  the one thing that was an IMMEDIATE frustration to me was MATERNITY FASHION. Does anyone else run into this issue, or is it just me? I found myself standing in the maternity section of Target wondering, “ Where on EARTH did all their adorable clothes go?” I look down the way to the ‘non-pregnant lady clothes’ and they are fabulous. I see the advertising photos of the pregnant women in the Liz Lange wear and they all look great too. But I can’t find ANYTHING cute or my style on the maternity racks. That specific afternoon, it was enough to send me into a fury!

There’s nothing like already being hormonal because you’re pregnant and then dealing with your clothes not fitting because of the growing babe!

Of course I wouldn’t change being pregnant, but I WOULD like to look like MYSELF as much as I can for the next nine months! Maternity clothes don’t have to be boring, but everywhere I look (not just at Target), all I see are boring clothes!


So I went home, and started doing a little research. I am in the market for STYLISH, COMFORTABLE, AFFORDABLE maternity clothes. Everything that was coming up was either not my style OR it was way more than what I want to spend. Somehow I landed on my friend Shari’s blog, Spearmint Baby. Have you heard of her blogs? She has a separate one for weddings, decor, kitchen, and a new shop coming soon! She’s got some good stuff going on over there.

When I landed there, I saw an advertisement about the clothing line ASOS. And guess what?! THEY HAVE MATERNITY CLOTHES. Not to mention, their stuff is seriously adorable. So I’ve been ordering all of my clothes from there and will continue to do so throughout this pregnancy. Between there and H&M, I’m feeling a LOT better about my desire to want to dress in a similar style that I normally do when I’m not pregnant. And I won’t have to sacrifice on the financial side either!

Are you pregnant right now and have the same struggle? Check out ASOS for sure. Affordable, stylish and all the clothes fit really well and are SO comfortable.

When you were pregnant, where was your favorite place to shop for maternity clothes? Any other stores or online shops I should know about and check out? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

*I didn’t receive anything in return for this blog post. All opinions are my own.


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