Back-to-School Breakfast Ideas


Last year I wrote a SOS post calling out for any help with our breakfast rut. You can read it here.


With school starting soon, I want to share with you all the great breakfast ideas I have been implementing to make mornings easier for all of us. And thank you to all of those who commented and sent me emails about my last breakfast post. You all are the best!

Having a schedule makes it easier for me to plan ahead. Plus, the kids know exactly what to expect each day. If someone doesn’t like what is served for breakfast that day, I can gently remind them that something they do like is coming later in the week.

1) Set up a calendar with a breakfast plan. We do muffins on Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday is smoothie or yogurt. Thursday is frozen waffles. And Friday is cereal or oatmeal.  Cut up fresh fruit and a glass of milk for each child, and we are all set.

2) Muffins are easy to make and the kids love them. A friend gave me a great recipe book filled with healthy muffin recipes, 750 Best Muffin Recipes. I found a great recipes that uses bran cereal that the kids actually love. They also have recipes that can be frozen or refrigerated and baked later. But, if I make a batch of muffins on a Sunday afternoon, they will last all week for breakfast and snacks.

3) You can make anything into a smoothie. On Pinterest, I have more smoothie recipes saved then I could ever make in a lifetime. I have tried all sorts of different combinations of fruits, vegetables, dairy, and non-dairy alternatives. I have added flax seed, protein powders, and wheat germ. I really love my Vitamix blender. It is really so fast and easy to blend anything into a smoothie.

Having a plan has dramatically limited the mornings I spend making three different meals for each child. I still get mornings with some whines about their breakfast choices, but I am hopeful that if I keep the schedule constant throughout the school year, that will decrease.

Hope these tips make your transition back into the school year easier and we all have low stress mornings!  



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