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All week long we’re talking about home organization! Click here to read Angela’s solution to the endless piles of school paperwork. Today Joy is asking for your help, and stay tuned later this week for Abbi’s solution to this very issue. Read on!

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Someone please help me, I’m drowning in boxes and clothes and I don’t know HOW to sort, HOW to get rid of and HOW to organize the seasons, sizes and genders of my children’s clothing!

I have one girl (age almost 4!) and two boys (2 and 7 months). We expect we’ll have more kids (at least one more) and would like to reuse the clothes for these kids, but I’m at a loss for how best to store them, what do I do to get rid of the ones I don’t want to keep!

Right now, I have my daughter’s clothes in a cluster of different boxes of different sizes. Even though I’ve written the sizes and season on the box, it still feel cluttered and disorderly!

The boys’ clothes are even worse! They are in bags and boxes and are a wreck in my garage!

I just bought some bins that I expect will help, however, I’m still skeptical.

Please help me out! 

What do you do to sort and save kids’ clothes so that younger children can use the hand-me-downs? How do you keep from having a home over-run with children’s clothing???


  1. I keep all of my kids clothes up until 4T when they seem to start getting pretty ugly after a season of wearing anyways. I use the blue rubbermaid tubs that come in 2 sizes- sort of squatty like 9 inches maybe, and then double the size like maybe 24 inches tall. I toss anything that is too stained or ripped to actually wear again and only keep what I’ll really put another kid of mine into. I sort them by gender and then by size. 0-3months, 6-12 months, 24mo/2T, 3T, & 4T. Then, I use a big 2in X 3in avery label and put what gender and size is enclosed and then tape it onto the bins. That way I can re-use the bins for something else in the future without having writing all over the tubs. It’s worked well for me, but my hubby really wants it all to be gone – he built extra storage on the garage ceiling strictly for my boxes of kids clothing! I also have one big box of girls shoes and one box of boys shoes – works better for me rather than having them in the sized boxes. Good luck!!!


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