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Happy Monday! All week long we’re talking about home organization ideas! Angela is up first with her system for dealing with piles of paper (especially that pesky school paperwork). Check back all week long for more organization ideas (and like us on Facebook too to join the discussion)!

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The house gets inundated with so much school paperwork (and other papers) every day. As much as I would love at times to secretly throw it all in the trash can, I suppose some of it is important and should be saved. My house used to have stacks of various papers all over the place. If you have kids who go to school and have after-school activities, I am sure you can relate.

Now I have an organization system that really works for my family. It is so simple to use and very easy to implement. 

1 )I bought a mesh file organizer from Target and a bunch of pretty folders that match my kitchen.

2) Each family member gets their own folder, plus one for coupons and mail.

photo (3)

3) When the miscellaneous papers, lists, calendars, phone numbers, project descriptions, or other important items appear in the house, I file them away.

I keep the organizer on the kitchen counter, for easy access. This is where the mail and papers always end up anyway.

photo (2)-001

Once a month or so, I go through all the folders and throw out anything outdated. But now I don’t have a pile of papers and mail gathering dust around the house. And I can easily find what I need as long as I stay on top of the system.

I also wrote a blog post about how I organize the children’s endless artwork, Ending the School Work Clutter| My Solution.

Hope this helps you organize your home.


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