Thank You Sarah Powers!


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It is with great excitement and even a bit of sorrow, that I announce an update in the position of Managing Editor. Sarah Powers steps down today as Managing Editor of Scottsdale Moms Blog. She is moving on to be the Managing Editor of blogger Megan Francis’ nationally renowned blog, The Happiest Home and will be focusing on her freelance writing career (while managing three children under the age of 5!) Kirsten Dunlap will be stepping in as the new Managing Editor for Scottsdale Moms Blog. (Congratulations Kirsten!!!)

Over the past two years, Sarah Powers has done all of the heavy lifting that happens behind the scenes at Scottsdale Moms Blog. That’s right, someone has to read and schedule ALL posts that go live each day on Scottsdale Moms Blog.  Sarah has taken the time to learn and share with us all the new rules that Facebook comes up with, keeps us current on FTC Guidelines, helps contributors with their posts, makes sure our posts are search engine optimized and has been a major supporter helping Scottsdale Moms Blog grow to be a valuable resource for local moms. (She’s even acted as counselor and friend to many of us too!)

Sarah is the perfect example of what Scottsdale Moms Blog is all about. Scottsdale Moms Blog is a resource for local moms. In Sarah’s case, she was able to hone her skills, learn about the art of managing a collaborative blog and doing what she loves: writing! She has been able to do all of this from home (apart from business meetings at the park and coffee dates with the team and an SMB event here and there, of course!)

My favorite thing about having a local blog is that we are able to focus on supporting local moms. Some moms are working moms. Some moms are stay at home moms. Some, like Sarah, have found a way to work from home.

Thank you Sarah for sharing your time and talents with us as the Managing Editor of this fabulous community of women at Scottsdale Moms Blog! We are thrilled that we are a part of your story! Best wishes and many blessings as you enter into a new season of life with so many little beginnings on your horizon!

Your friend and fan,


(Sarah will still be writing for Scottsdale Moms Blog as a contributor emeritus here and there and I’m sure you’ll still see her at some of our events too!)

Editor’s note {yep, still here! long enough to jump in with a note of my own 🙂 }: Thank you, Joy! When I answered an open call for contributors on early 2011 I was looking for an outlet to write about motherhood (and somebody to hold me accountable to doing so). I had no idea the opportunity would help me develop my voice as a writer, hone my skills as a blogger and blog editor, and turn into a part-time work-at-home dream job. So thank YOU for providing this space for local moms to play with words and discover their voices. xo, Sarah



  1. Sarah,
    Best of luck with your new journey! This is what SMB is all about…empowering women to find work that they can do at home, while still doing their favorite/most important job: being a mommy! As a fellow 3-kids-under-5 mama, I feel you! And as a fellow aspiring writer, I also congratulate you on an amazing new opportunity!


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