How to Know If Your Child Is Ready for Overnight Camp


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Is Your Child Ready for Overnight Camp?


When summertime rolls around, many excited children will be departing for their summer destinations: overnight camps. While the campfires, kayaks and cabins may sound attractive to many kids, it’s best to make sure they are ready for an overnight experience before signing up for a week-long program. Check out these four tips – and take this sleepaway camp quiz – to help you find out if your little one is ready.

  1. Gauge their interest. Are there tears when you mention the idea of spending time away from home for several weeks, or has your child expressed interest in an overnight camp experience? If your little one rejects the idea of a sleepaway camp, hold off on camp and ask the question again next year.

  1. Age should not be the deciding factor. While some experts say that 7 is usually a reasonable age for children to attend camp, this may not be the case with all kids. Your 11-year-old may find the thought of camp unappealing, but an 8-year-old may be itching to meet new people and spend time away from home. Every child is different, so make sure to assess your child’s readiness based on other factors besides age.

  1. Use sleepovers or overnight experiences as a test. If children enjoy sleeping over at friends’ or relatives’ houses, these are good signs that they would be able to handle time away at camp. To be sure, you can do a practice run and have them stay with a relative for several days. Depending on how they react, you can gauge if they are prepared for a summer overnight camp.

  1. Assess their independence at home. Camp requires children to do some tasks on their own, like making their beds or brushing their teeth. Does your child still need your assistance with certain self-care responsibilities, or do they generally handle them on their own? Kids with a knack for independence will likely have an easier transition to camp life. If your child still relies on you for help, consider gradually encouraging them to do chores and tasks on their own to see how they will respond at camp.


These four tips should help you decide if your little one is ready for an overnight camp experience this summer. When you pack up the car, don’t forget to keep your family protected with car insurance coverage. Check out online car insurance quotes to find an affordable option that meets your needs. And before you leave, double check that your child has all of their essentials for time away from home, and remember to bring the tissues for your drive home.

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