5 Trader Joe’s Products I Won’t Live Without


Normally, I’m not one to stir up controversy.  By nature, I’m an easy going peacemaker.  But when my passion peaks, I’m known to stand up for what I believe in.  Today my friends, my passion has peaked. Until now, this blog has leaned heavily towards the right.  And I mean WAY right.  Like, all the way to Europe right.  And, for those of you who haven’t caught on yet, I’m not talking politics. 

Several of our outspoken moms have declared their passions for the European grocery store chain, Fresh and Easy.  To be fair, I’ve got nothing but love for Fresh and Easy.  Great concept, affordable and a fun line of “fresh” and “easy” products.  But someone up in this place needs to represent the LEFT.  And by LEFT, I mean WEST.  And by WEST, I mean WEST COAST. And by WEST COAST, I, of course, mean the BEST COAST.  (Sorry, got a little carried away there…) And if you’re a California girl like me, you probably already know where I’m headed with this…Trader Joe’s.

Logo_staticNothing represents the laid back west coast vibe, like our old friend Joe.  I remember walking through the aisles as a child, captivated by the glossy wood floors, the delicious food and the friendly, quirky people who worked there.  Trader Joe’s was and is my first grocery store love. (Not too be overly dramatic or anything…)  So, it’s with great fanfare that I share with you, our beloved readers, my five current favorite products from Trader Joe’s.

Five products (in no particular order) I can’t and won’t live without:


garlicbasil 1. Crushed Garlic and Chopped Basil

 Whoever thought of this idea was a genius.  For less than $2 you get a container filled with individual servings of either frozen crushed garlic or frozen chopped basil.  Perfect to add to just about every single thing on the planet.  Do you know how much time this has saved me?! So. Much.


I absolutely love this bread.  We love to make pizza’s with them.  Add sauce or pesto and veggies and cheese, and they cook in no time.  When it’s 175 degrees outside faster is always better.

7344-21-seasoning3. 21 Seasoning Salute

This my friends, is my go-to spice. A perfect blend of over 21 seasonings (duh!) It’s great on chicken, eggs, adding flavor to just about anything without adding a ton of salt.

photo4. and 5.  Orange Cranberry Tea Scones and Imported English Lemon Curd

These two. Served together. Oh. My. Word.  I’m not taking credit for this heavenly fusion.  My favorite sample lady in the North Scottsdale store (Michel) gave me this little combo and I can’t remember life before that moment.  Heat the scone, and drizzle with the lemon curd- and serve to your friends. They will kiss you.

Do you share my passion? Which Trader Joe’s products are your must-haves?  Leave a comment below so I can make your favorites my NEW favorites! 


  1. this post is hilarious! we love trader joe’s around here and have many, many cult favorites in our kitchen all the time. hello, spinach and kale balls!! vanilla bean greek yogurt? you are funny and have great tips. off to buy some scones…

  2. Since I live there and all the staff know if even one of my kids is missing, I could probably write a book but here goes:
    For sure love your number 1
    Brown Rice pasta is cheapest there
    GF quick oats
    Raw almonds
    Spicy chicken sausage
    Frozen grassfed steak
    Lavendar lotion

    Those are some of my staples 🙂

  3. wild pesticide free frozen blueberries, petite peas, fresh bruschetta sauce, tzatziki dip, organic mac n’ cheese, organic spagettio’s, whole wheat pane…so many…

  4. wild pesticide free frozen blueberries, petite peas, fresh bruschetta sauce, tzatziki dip, organic mac n’ cheese, organic spagettio’s, whole wheat Tuscan pane…so many…


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