Is TV okay for kids?


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Editor’s Note: Happy Friday! All week long we’re talking about screens – from TV shows to tablets for kids and grownups of all ages. Love ’em or hate ’em, screens and screen time are a hot topic in parenting circles. Read on for one mom’s take, and check back here all week for more screen-related posts!

Now here is something I never thought I would find myself thinking: “Man, I just wish that my baby would be willing to watch a little Sesame Street!”IMG_8632

I always said that I wouldn’t be super crazy strict about TV time, but that I wouldn’t really allow much of it to happen at all. During the day the TV is rarely on at my house. Don’t get me wrong, my hubby and I love to curl up and watch a show together before bed. But during the day- thats time for play, projects, and getting out of the house.

Lately though, I find myself in a weird situation. You see, I have this nephew who is freaky smart. As in, saying insane full sentences before he was two, smart. And guess what? He watches a whole lot of Sesame Street. And plays a whole lot of kid friendly Apps on his mama’s phone. Of course his parents also work with him without devices like TVs and phones, but he seems to learn a lot of what he knows from those things.

I happen to have a child who could care less about the TV. If I put a cartoon on, he will watch it for maybe 1 minute, and then he is off exploring some toy, or more realistically, trying to climb something. He is a mover. Always. And I love that about him. But sometimes I wonder if it would actually benefit him from sitting down and watching some Sesame Street {or something educational}.

So tell me- should I be glad that he has zero interest in TV? Should I really try and get him to be in to it? Or will I just be eating my own words years down the road when I can’t get him away from the TV?!

Do you let your kiddos watch TV? If so- what type of boundaries do you set up for it? Time limits, or at least show limits? Fill this new mama in!


  1. My kids watch tv, and have since they were little. In comparison to their peers they are more than fine. They also love the iPhone/iPad apps we have both educational and not. People learn differently. Some are visual. Some aren’t. I don’t see a problem with it unless it is exclusively used as a baby sitter.


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