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Please tell me I’m not the only one that wakes up each morning to an inbox of 20+ emails from various deal sites?!  Ok, maybe it’s not exactly that many, but there are certainly a lot of deal sites out there.

Rather than suggest you unsubscribe from all of them, I thought I’d highlight my Top 5 Deal Websites for you. Hopefully I can save you a little time and money…because we could all use to save some of both of those things, right?!

Top 5 Deal Websites

  1. GroopDealz :: This is currently my very favorite deal site.  Think Etsy meets Target Clearance Section.  Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, it’s not.  I buy everything from party supplies to jewelry to kids clothing to artwork on GroopDealz.  I also buy a ton of gifts on this site.  Especially gifts for girlfriends.  Their jewelry, clothing and decor selection is a great gift option for that girlfriend who’s birthday is coming up. I’d strongly encourage you to sign up for their daily emails if you don’t already.
  2. Baby Steals and Kid Steals :: If you’re looking for some great baby/kids clothing deals, these are the sites for you!  I check these daily emails every morning for the occasional purchase for one (or all three) of my girls.
  3. GroupOn :: GroupOn is an “oldie but goodie.”  Just when I think to myself that I haven’t purchased anything from GroupOn recently, they come out with a great deal that I just can’t pass up.  Through GroupOn I’ve gotten discounted summer activity passes for the girls, restaurant gift cards, photo canvas printer gift certificates (be sure to watch for when Canvas on Demand does their Groupon deals. Canvas on Demand is one of my very favorite high quality canvas printers. Thanks Cate for the recommendation) and much more.  One current deal they have right now is $10 for a $20 gift card to Humble Pie.  Kinda makes you want to buy it and head there for lunch today, huh?! 😉
  4. Local Dines :: Local Dines is one of the reasons why my husband and I are able to get out as much as we can.  For half the price, you can purchase a discounted gift card to a ton of local eateries.  When we are planning a date night, I will oftentimes check Local Dines and pre-purchase a gift card to a restaurant we’d like to eat at. You simply purchase the gift certificate, print and bring it with you.  It’s super easy (and saves anywhere from $15-$25)!  Some of my local dines favorites in or near the Scottsdale area are Local Bistro, The Vig (both Arcadia and Uptown locations), RnR (brunch is great here), Arcadia Tavern and Eddie’s House.
  5. Retail Me Not :: Maybe not really a deal site exactly but Retail Me Not is a great way to save a few extra bucks on your online purchases. I do a lot of my purchasing online these days (I have three kids under 4…bringing them shopping sounds more like torture to me).  When making a purchase online I always… read ALWAYS… make sure that I search for a coupon code on Retail Me Not before clicking the “Complete Purchase” button.  More often than not I’m able to find a coupon code to apply towards my purchase.

Now I know I didn’t highlight all of the deal websites out there.  I’d love to hear what your favorites are!  Comment below with your suggestions.  



  1. Agree with Ashley, One Kings Lane is great! And their delivery packaging is awesome. I know this is about online deals, but Retail Me Not also has an in-store option if you download their app. Just saved a ton at Old Navy the other day using a coupon from there. A couple other great apps to get coupons are GeoQpons and Coupon Sherpa. They all offer online & in-store coupons. I love using these apps because I can unsubscribe from the countless emails from all the stores who send me daily emails – if I’m in the store I can just quickly access their latest coupon rather than scouring my full inbox.

  2. Great list, I will have to checkout a couple of those. Very Jane sounds similar to GroopDealz and is a great tool for saving money online shopping. Happy shopping!

  3. I also love One Kings Lane and Joss and Main. I redid our house and got almost everything from accessories and furniture from these two places.


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