Arizona Staycation Guide | 4 {more!} Local Resorts for Your Family


Did you catch Jenn’s staycation post yesterday? Be sure to check out her picks for local summer getaways, and read on for mine!


Have you ever had summers where it’s just not realistic with your current circumstances to go out of town on a big vacation? Maybe a busy stretch at work is keeping you here, or your kids have too many activities to attend, or maybe fiances or tight. Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t take away the desire to have a vacation! And it’s really hard (and not very much fun) to watch all your friends and family head out on long luxurious vacations when you just can’t seem to make it happen this year.


Instead of losing all hope for a much needed break this summer, why not consider a STAYCATION? Even if you ARE planning a vacation out of the state this summer, a staycation could still be a great way to break up the summer! Resort living for a couple of nights might be the perfect escape for you and your family. You won’t break the bank, you don’t have travel expenses, and you get to enjoy all the luxuries that these amazing valley resorts have to offer at their SUMMER RATES.

You don’t have to look very far to find amazing deals at most of the resorts in Phoenix. Almost ALL of them are (or will be) offering summer rates making it officially easy for you to have a fabulous little getaway, right in your own backyard.

So check it out! Here are four of my personal favorite hotels in the valley who are all offering some kind of summer deals going on right now. Be sure to check back often, as a lot of them run 72 hour sales or discounts only for certain days of the week. And keep in mind, I wasn’t offered any kind of compensation for the reviews of these local resorts. They are some of the finest with some of the best deals, so I had to share!

1. The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa

Who doesn’t love The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa? It’s luxurious, it’s classy and its right in the center of Kierland and close to Scottsdale Quarter. They have an amazing pool along with their infamous Flowrider. To check out what the Flowrider is, click HERE. This is an AWESOME spot that the entire family will love. Their summer rates start at $139 this year, so check it out! To see all of their summer specials, click HERE.

2. Hotel Valley Ho

The Hotel Valley Ho is one of my personal FAVORITES. I love the atmosphere, the decor, the luxury and the comfort of this place. I love that you feel like you actually ARE in another time when you walk through their front doors. Their customer service is amazing. The restaurant and bar area is awesome and the pool offers a great vibe and live music. You can rent bikes for an evening stroll. And what’s better? This spot is pet friendly and welcomes your fur-kids along too! Check out all the summer specials they have going on right now HERE.

3. The Montelucia Resort & Spa

Are you looking for a seriously relaxing spa experience? The Montelucia Resort & Spa is well known for their transformational treatments at the Joya Spa. If you’re looking for some seriously relaxation, this would be the place to go! Now, the resort has a lot more to offer as well in case spa-going isn’t really your thing. Grab your suit and grab a spot poolside with a drink for your mini vacation! To see all of their specials going on right now, click HERE. And to check out The Joya Spa, click HERE.

4. Royal Palms Resort & Spa

Escape to one of their villas, casita or even guest room for the ultimate getaway staycation destination! The Royal Palms is exceptionally beautiful, luxurious and a great little escape for your entire family right in the heart of Phoenix. To check out the summer rates that they’re running right now, click HERE.

The truth is, these are only FOUR resorts out of MANY more that Arizona has to offer. And everyone deserves a little break if they can get one! So whether you can’t (or don’t want) to leave the state, there’s still many fantastic options to get you caught up on rest and relaxation. And while it won’t get you out of the heat, it WILL give you an opportunity to create some memories with your family- even if it’s right inside your own neighborhood!

*Photograph was taken by Session Nine Photographers.

**This is NOT a sponsored post. I was not paid or given anything for free in return for my advice or opinions of these resorts. I really love all of them and would love to do a staycation at any of them!



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