Confessions of a Semi-Crazy Baby Momma


mom and baby

We all have those weird little quirks that exist far from social media in the quiet spaces of our homes. Here are a few of mine. Maybe at the end, you’ll feel a bit more normal.

1) My sons wear skinny girl jeggings. It is true. After dressing three little girls for so long, I was more than disappointed when it came to little boys’ fashion, especially pants. Cargo shorts or MC Hammer-esque stiff jeans are the options? I had to break out of these boxes. For the sake of my baby’s comfort and for the sake of fashion. I didn’t care if they were in the girl section. They were cute and worked out well. Jeggings gave them the look of jeans with the comfort for their baby rolls. This has changed some in the last couple of years, thankfully, but boys clothes are still lacking. It is catching on amongst my friends. It is a pretty funny thing that they share handmedowns with their girl friends whose mommies know my little secret. 🙂

2) Long after their skin is uber sensitive, I still wash their clothes in Dreft. It is like an addiction. That sweet baby laundry smell is like a little piece of heaven. It comes in like magic taking away the dirt and sweat of toddler clothes and leaves me convinced he is still a baby for one more day. It is a simple joy I can’t seem to let go of. I think if my hubby catches on, he may put a stop to it and its extra cost. Until then, I will actually be enjoying folding laundry.

3) I never bathe my baby. Ok, not never. But rarely. His hair starts to look dark and stands on end, and I realize it has been nearly negligently too long. Dangit. Just writing that makes me think I have to go give him a bath. .  .eh. maybe later.

4) I neurotically pick at him when he’s nursing. Even if I have other things to do at arm’s reach. I can’t help it. As he is cradled there peacefully nursing, I just start picking. His ears, his cradle cap (oh! that cradle cap!!), his toe jam. I am like a crazy monkey mom cleaning him with my fingers. Maybe if I did more of #3, there would be less of #4.

Okay, I’ve laid out some of my weird mothering stuff. Don’t judge. 🙂 I know you have some, too! What is the strangest thing you do as a mom of a baby?


  1. Great list, I am definitely guilty of numbers 2 and 4, I will have to remember #1 for when my son gets bigger. I like to use breastmilk on my baby’s little cuts and scrapes, even my own sometimes, so great for healing but I know my husband thinks it’s weird.


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