Top 3 Tips for Styling Your Family Photo Shoot


Getting your family ready for any type of outing, event, or family get together can be hectic enough. Planning for a family photo shoot can be downright STRESSFUL. As a photographer, I love partnering with our clients of our Lifestyle sessions to try and help them breathe a little easier when trying  to plan for their upcoming photo shoot.

One of the ways that we do that, is we work very closely with a local stylist who is amazing at what she does. Alexandra Evjen of AVE Styles is someone who we have partnered with numerous times and someone we love and trust to help make our photo shoots awesome. Not only is she incredible at what she does, she has such a way with making each individual person feel confident with what they’re wearing making it one less thing to worry about come photo shoot day.

Scottsdale Moms Blog, Styling Family Photo Shoot

Whether you’re interested in hiring a stylist to help or not, I think can everyone can achieve an amazing by considering a few things before the photo shoot date. I asked Alex to share her TOP THREE TIPS that she would give anyone who is getting ready to step in front of the camera. Styling your entire family can be difficult and she has some great advice with a few quick things to consider:


Pick a color scheme that uses a minimum of three colors and at most five. This will ensure there is enough variety that you aren’t matching and yet keep everything cohesive. Keep in mind the location of your shoot. Pick colors that will stand out against white snow, green grass or brick buildings. Do not wear matching outfits!


Layer your outfits so you can have more variety in your photos. For example, add a caridgan or vest that you can take on and off. Sometimes you just don’t know how things will photograph. Maybe the dress you chose doesn’t make your arms look the best. Dun da da dunnnn!! Cardigan will save the day!


Make sure at least two patterns and two different textures are represented. For example: polka dots and stripes; plaid and herringbone, floral and gingham. Of course, solids can be a part of the scheme too. Examples of textures would be denim, cotton, chiffon, leather, satin. Most people put their family in all jeans and tops, but this doesn’t make the image as interesting as when there is variety.

Scottsdale Moms Blog, Styling Family Photo Shoot

Above all, she recommends staying true to your family’s personal style! Stay relaxed and try not to worry too much. And when in doubt, hire a professional to help. Not only is her expertise amazing, and her style incredible, but working with someone like her can be really enjoyable!

A family photo shoot should be a way to create uplifting memories for your family; memories to hang on the wall and to look back on for years to come. You want to look incredible, yes, but also remember how each family members personality was represented well during the shoot. Using these tips on your own or when working with a professional to help you will help keep the nerves at bay, the stress levels low, and everyone looking their best! 

Good luck!

*A big thanks to Alex for sharing her tips with us! To see more of her work, you can check out her website here.

*Photos were styled by Alex and taken by Session Nine Photographers.



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