10 Things To Do Before it is 110°


OH MY GOODNESS!!! It is already in the 90’s. I know it has actually been a late start to the weather heating up. It is never easy, though, when it starts. It is right about now that I decide there are a ton of things I want to do before I feel trapped inside.

Here are my Top 10 Things To Do Before it is 110°:

1. Join us for the last Zoo Walk Day

After May, we will take a few months off because it is just too dang hot to walk the zoo.  The animals aren’t out which isn’t fun.  The splash pad, although a great one, seems miles and miles away from the entrance—at least for this momma. So grab a friend and meet us there on May 23rd!


2. Have a patio dinner

As the sun goes down, the weather is still lovely to enjoy a patio dinner. Eat in your backyard or choose a favorite spot. Tortilla Factory, The House, the Herb Box or Oregano’s are all great options. I like the Herb Box in Old Town. The downstairs cafe allows you to order off the menu upstairs or grab a delicious quick meal or treat (like a gigantic cookie!)


3. Hike to the Hole in the Rock at Papago Park

It is a super quick walk that is easy for kids and a lovely spot to watch the sun set.


4. Hit the Butterfly Exhibit at Desert Botanical Gardens

2 more weeks to enjoy the butterflies! The exhibit is open until May 12


5. Walk or Bike the Greenbelt

What a gift this pathway is in our city!


6. Take a picture with the horse fountain on 5th Ave.


bwahahaha. Just kidding. Gooooooooodbye, tourists!!!!

Seriously, though, go get a Toddy Bag. Not familiar? It is a brewing bag to make iced coffee in your fridge. It is cost effective for coffee addicts and perfect way to start your day without piling kids into the hot car. So pop into Cartel (which is also on 5th Ave) Have one last hot latte and get your iced coffee needs for the heat. Makes me happy just thinking about it!


7. Go to the Railroad Park

I am a sucker for this landmark. As soon as it warms up, I always feel like we didn’t go enough this last winter! Enjoy the park and rides before they will scorch your hiney.


8. Buy an indoor exercise activity.

Especially if you don’t have a pool, I find these items necessities in Arizona. A spot to get their wiggles out is a must! We have hula hoops, a mini trampoline and toddler slide.


9. Make a Soup

A staple through the winter, it is hard to serve up a steaming bowl of soup on a day when eggs could be fried on the sidewalk!  Do it now! Here is one of my favorites! A white chili!

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 8.11.04 PM

10. Visit an Urban farm or Farmer’s Market

I know the die hard ones will still hit these up. Honestly, though, they won’t be taking relaxing, strolling trips. They will be grab your necessity trips! The Simple Farm has misters and Singh has the most fabulous tree canopies.


So there you have it. My top 10 things to do before it is 110 outside. Get out and enjoy our city before it is scorching hot! What will you do before it is unbearable?

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Cate Johnson has been married to her best friend, Sean, for 12 years. She is the mother to their daughters who came home through international adoption in 2008. They also have a son that came home through domestic adoption in March 2011. The baby is another son, who is biological. Cate is passionate about Jesus, photography, writing and adoption and attachment. She also loves coming alongside prospective adoptive parents as well as those struggling through transition and attachment. Cate blogs about all of these topics and more at Gathered From Afar and Attaching Hearts.


  1. Cate,

    Where is Singh? I’m familiar with Simple Farm but never heard of Singh.

    Thanks for the reminder of the great things we have to do here!! It’s easy to forget as locals 🙂



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