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I recently spent 5 days in the hospital with our son who was fighting RSV. I learned a few things about the hospital that I know will be useful to new moms delivering their babies there or families needing to spend time there due to illness or other health concerns. So, here you go.


The food is, well, hospital food. But, I was pleased to learn that nursing mothers receive a “MOMS Meal Voucher” if you are staying at the hospital with a child who is breastfeeding. If you aren’t breastfeeding, they will get you formula, but you may want to check with your insurance to see if you should just skip the middleman and bring whatever formula you already have at home.

And as far as meals for moms who aren’t nursing, there is an option to order a “Guest Tray”. When you are delivering a baby there, you can order two entrees. But if you are staying in the hospital with a child there is an option to pay with a credit card through the TV ordering system.


Food I liked:

Chicken strips (favorite)


French Toast (favorite)

Ham and Cheese omelet

Scrambled Eggs

Scoop of Vanilla Yogurt

Chocolate cake (favorite)

Fresh fruit

I tried the pork and the turkey. They were eatable, but dry. I also tried the apple pie. It was ok, but I make my own apple pies and it didn’t come close. I tried the chili and it was bland. The salads use romane lettuce and I wasn’t a fan.


There is an Xbox so you can watch movies or play games while you wait and wait and wait for the doctor. Tip: the hospital is right next to the Mustang Library and you can check out tons of movies from there for FREE

The TV has cable channels and also a small selection of movies. I tried to watch a movie during the day, but with all the people coming in and out of the room plus when a child isn’t doing well, it just didn’t work well. So, I resigned to reading books and messing around on the computer which allowed me to weather the constant interruptions more easily.

The shower/bathroom are of course available. If you forget your towel, they have plenty, just ask a nurse.


Spa Services:

Leave it to Scottsdale to have a hospital with a full-service spa! The nail technicians will make room visits for patients. If you are a mom, staying with a child, then you will need to make an appointment in the spa downstairs. Trust me, an hour outside the hospital room can do wonders for your brain and help you feel human again.

I didn’t leave our hospital room at all for the first four days that David was in the hospital. Once it started to look like I was going to be a resident of the Pediatrics Ward, I figured out how to take some necessary breaks. I coordinated a couple breaks with the nurses and they were happy to help. Note: I know I wouldn’t have wanted to leave during the first three days while David was in the hospital just because of his constant need to be monitored and since he wasn’t in the ICU, there wouldn’t be a person in the room with him other than me at all times. So, finding someone other than a nurse to sit in the room while you get a break is a good idea:-)

Gift Shops and outside seating:

Since I didn’t want my children to be in the room with my RSV baby, I was pleased to learn that they could still visit me and we could meet in the cafeteria. There are large windows and a nice outdoor seating area next to the cafeteria. I was able to see the older kids for a meal, which was great for everyone.

There are two gift shops in the hospital and they both support local vendors! If you haven’t gotten a gift for your girlfriend who just had a baby or you want to surprise a friend, the gift shops have flowers, gifts and gift wrapping available! They’ll even deliver them to a room for you if you can’t visit for whatever reason!

What about you? Do you have meals that you loved while staying at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Campus? What tips can you share with families who find themselves in the hospital for the first time?



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