30 Questions a Toddler Might Ask on Vacation


55ffd456918211e2979222000a1f9bc6_7My vacation started out with my daughter and me traveling alone to Maui to meet my husband who was already there for work. Packing was exhausting and getting to the airport took some planning and coordinating, but we made it. Once on plane, my daughter sat next to the window, me in the middle seat and a nice gentleman sat in the aisle. My mind was finally checked out of work and by the time I was on that plane I was in full mommy mode. Ready to be and do whatever my daughter wanted me to do for long 6 hour flight. The gentleman next to me was a pilot for the airlines and he made some small talk with me prior to the flight taking off. Once settled in our seats, all the questions started. Mommy, “How does the plane fly? Where does the gas go? Where are our bags?” I knew I had to be patient with her and that it was a teaching moment for me, but why did a pilot have to be sitting next to me? I couldn’t just say, “The plane flies like a bird honey, now watch your iPad!” No, because the pilot was listening to every word. I had to be proper and explain that the plane has an engine like mommy and daddy’s car, wings like a bird which makes it go up in the sky and wheels like your bike to make it go really fast and so on. I was trying to be correct on description because the pilot next to me had his head turned toward us watching and listening like he was judging all my aviation terminology. Then, several minutes after takeoff we switched gears and watched princess movies and thank goodness all the questions subsided.

Six hours later, we landed in beautiful Maui. As we were gathering all the cracker wrappers, juice boxes, four stuffed animals, ten princess toys and my purse, the nice pilot turned to me and said, “You are a really good mother!” Stunned, and gracious, I thought to myself, only if he was by my side those days when my daughter asks me a question and I gave the short and quick answer and say ‘it just does honey”! Only if he seen me on those days when I am so stressed about work, come home and lose it at the smallest hint of whining in the house. Only if he knew how “not-good a mother” I think I am all the time and that I constantly judge MYSELF into feeling like a bad mom. Then I thought, maybe I am a good mom on occasion and that is what matters! Maybe that is why vacations are so valuable because we can turn off the world and focus on being a family! So thank you Mr. Pilot Man for being on my flight and for the compliment because mommies really need that!

My vacation was amazing and we had some fun times. Traveling with a toddler is fun, exciting, exhausting, tiresome, draining, and relaxing all in one!  Anyone who has had564471_10200808937563677_1867456211_n  a three year old knows questions start flowing out of their pint-sized mouth.

To prepare all the parents for their upcoming summer trips, I thought I would list the most common questions you might hear during the vacation! Consider this preparation for your travels! Ha!


30 Questions a Toddler Might Ask On Vacation

How does the plane fly?

How does the engine work?

Where does the gas go?

Can I have a snack!

Where did our bags go?

How did they get under the plane?

Where did our house go?

Can I go to the potty!

Can I have the iPad!

Can I have some gum?

Where is our hotel?

Why does that guy have our bags?

Can I do the key!

Can I go potty!

Can I spray suntan lotion!

Can I spray YOU with suntan lotion!

Can I do the key!

Can I  hit the elevator button!

{kicking off flip-flops} I can’t walk, pick me up!

{tantrum because other kid hit button} I didn’t get to hit the elevator button!

I want a snack!

Carry me!

{screaming} I don’t want to walk!

{crying} I wanted to hit the elevator button!

I want to do the key!

I wanted to eat that!

I want the iPad!

I want ice cream!

I have to go to potty!

No, no I want to hit the button!


And that was just the short list!

Happy Traveling!








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