7 Ways To Make Everyday Valentine’s Day | Teaching Our Kids LOVE

Writing lipstick notes for daddy
Writing lipstick notes for daddy

I watched my daughter open up her cards and gifts we got her for Valentines Day yesterday and saw the joy in her face and love in her heart!  What a great thing to feel loved! Why not make it Valentine’s Day everyday in the family? I think having love in our hearts and showing our gratitude for each other should be a ritual of sorts, and I wanted to share some ways that we have incorporated some love rituals in our family:



1. Write love notes to each other as art projects

It is very special to have a sweet note expressing your love to each other when you are least expecting it. Why do it just on Valentine’s Day? Love notes are fun to write all year round!

2. Drop, meet, greet and love

This one I learned in a local parenting class that I attend and I have to share it. When a parent comes home from the day (the last one home), the other parent drops what they are doing, meets the other parent and give a big hug and kiss welcoming them home. This is intended to show the child gratitude and the love that unites the parents. Of course, bringing in the child to be a part of this ritual is a plus. My daughter loves it, and it has become a ritual!

3. Hold hands

Yes, hold your partners hands. This is a great way of showing love and kids love to see their parents share this type of affection.

4. “WE” in Parents

If my daughter is asking for something, and goes to Daddy when I have already told her no, what works really well is when Daddy and I have a team meeting. We meet together (in front of her) and we will have a “side-bar” conversation which goes a little like this; “Daddy, do you think she should have that piece of candy?”, he says, “Mommy, no I think she had too much sweets today.” then we both turn around and say, “Sorry honey, Mommy and Daddy have decided we don’t think you can have that candy today, maybe tomorrow!” The first time we did this, my daughter had a full-blown tantrum because she witnessed us as a team, and she just wasn’t sure about that! It works!


Need I say more! Yes, we spend a night away in peace, but showing that Mommy and Daddy go away on a “date” is modeling healthy behavior. If Mommy and Daddy have a strong bond….so does the family!

6. Be polite and respectful…ALWAYS!

It feels sometimes corny but we really try to say “I am sorry”, “Mommy/Daddy was wrong”, “please” and “thank you”. That way we all are on the same page with manners, and respect each other. Modeling this behavior has gotten us much farther than instructing it.

7. Role play

 Acting out the day Mommy and Daddy got married is a fun game to play. Sometimes I act out the wedding day with my daughter, and yes, I have to play the “Daddy”, but so much fun!

Do you have any love rituals in your family? We love to hear them!


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