Can you Run a Half Marathon while Breastfeeding?



I am so happy to be able to write that, YES, yes you can! I wrote back in November asking for your advice and tips on if its even possible to run a 1/2 and not hurt your supply, so I thought I would do a little follow up. Please keep in mind I am not a doctor or profession when it comes to exercise, but ere are some things I learned along my personal journey of training for the PF Changs Rock n Roll half:

-Make sure you are eating enough calories to sustain not only your workouts but also your supply.

-Make sure you are drinking something other than water on workout days, especially on your long-run days. I would mainly drink coconut water, but on days where I had my really long runs {10+ miles} I would do gatorade.

-A comfort tip- nurse {or pump} right before you go on a run. Trust me on this one! The worst thing is trying to run when your full.

-Now this tip doesn’t have to do with your supply- more just a thought on being a mom and running. If you are actually training for a race, not just running for fun, be careful about running with the stroller. It is awesome to take your baby on your jog with you, its an extra workout even, but don’t only run that way. It is so confusing for your body if it has only run while pushing a jogger, and then on race day it doesn’t have one. I would take Bray with me on my 3-4 mile runs, but save my long runs for the weekend when he could be home with my hubby.

I am so glad I did this 1/2 marathon. It was hard on days to get the energy to train, and I got an IT band injury two week before, but it was all worth it. My hubby had Bray waiting at 12 1/2 miles and that was SUCH a needed site and encouragement to see my baby boy smiling big. As mommas, we all naturally put our babies before ourselves, but sometimes its good to have something just for you. An accomplishment that you did on your own, for yourself.

Proof that you can run that much and still nurse great?

IMG_8208That was me nursing about 15 minutes after I finished the race:) Some people looked at me like I was crazy, but who cares!

Have you ever do something that you thought you could never accomplish? And then be that much more proud of yourself because you are hoping that you are setting a great example for your kids future? I hope so- its a great feeling!




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