Seven unexpected things every mom should consider before buying a car


Sure, there’s safety, resale value, and fuel efficiency to think about, but here are some things that really matter when a mom is about to purchase a car:

1. A built in DVD player is a liability, not an asset
When will car salesmen learn? For some reason, they see a mom coming a mile away and decide the very first feature they should promote to her is the wonderful built-in DVD system. I found it next to impossible to find a Suburban that didn’t come with one and actually even begged them to take it out (but I was told it couldn’t be done.) In the age of laptops, ipads, and portable DVD players, there is just no reason to make a screen a permanent feature. Sure, you say you’ll only use it on road trips, but as soon as a toddler realizes the true purpose of that little plastic box in the roof, you are left with 2 choices: endure non-stop screaming all the way to the grocery store or give in and be forced to listen to the Veggie Tales Little Joe movie… AGAIN!!! (by the way- I know every line and song to this video yet have never actually seen in on-screen)

2. Tinted windows have their pros and cons
Yes, tinted windows look snazzy, they provide privacy, and they help keep your car a little cooler, but, as only a mom could tell you, they also have some drawbacks. There have been many times when my 2-year-old in the second-row will notice a very exciting plane fly by or perhaps a construction site loaded with awesome trucks. Enthusiastic yells of “digger, digger” will only be met by the disappointed voice of my 4-year-old in the third row explaining that he can’t see them out his “dark windows”. So heartbreaking! Also, a few bangs on the window with a sippy cup lid and you will find your upgraded tinted windows chipped and scraped.

3. There is no such thing as “too big”
You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too much trunk space!

I drive a Suburban and have moms (usually pregnant ones!) stopping me all the time to ask me if I “like my car”. They tell me that they’re thinking of getting one but are worried it may be “too big” My response is that if you have kids, there is simply just no such thing! Do you have a double stroller? Do you have a Costco membership? Are you super excited to take that bulky old infant swing to the childrens’ consignment store? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you probably could use more space!

4. Buying new will break your heart
I wanted a used car—really I did, but after much hunting we ended up only being able to find the features we wanted in “new” so I ended up getting a beautiful, brand new car! And it stayed beautiful and brand new—-for about a week. Children destroy everything! Just think what having a baby in your belly did to your toned 6-pack of abs! It’s gonna be just as ugly when it comes to your tan cloth interior!

5. Spend the money on really high quality floor-mats.
I know you don’t want food or mud or vomit in your car but, let’s be honest, you have children! I for one love a good deal, but we decided in this case it was bast to spend the extra money on some super nice floor-mats. It was a great call! The website, lets you enter the make, year, and model of your car so you can get mats that fit your car perfectly! These mats may have been pricey, but they have totally protected our investment (and prevented me from killing my children when they accidentally spilled blue raspberry Slurpies all over the floor!)

6. Remote start may just change your life
This week is supposed to be gorgeous, sunny, and warm… exactly the kids of weather that helps me remember why I love living in Scottsdale. However, let’s not forget about July and August… and September! If you have the chance to get a remote start on your car and get just a few extra minutes of cooling down before you hop in (and your kids tackle those burning metal seat belts!) Do it!

7. Other moms will judge you by your car
No, I’m not furthering some snobby Scottsdale stereotype about a skinny, bedazzeled mom in a fancy luxury car! I’m talking about real moms- women who used to own cars that were clean and nice but now live in the world of children. Now, most of us are driving around in a day-care on wheels! Every mom I know is embarrassed to open her car door while someone else is standing too close for fear that they may see the truth. But the truth is, my car looks just like yours! In fact, if I were to open your car and discover that you didn’t have ground up goldfish, a deflated chik-fil-a balloon, a crumpled up scholastic book order form you had spent hours searching for, and one green left size 9 Croc– well, frankly, I might not really want to be your friend. I’m just not sure we have much in common!

Hope these little tips help! Drive safe!



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