Dance as though someone is watching


There are a million different versions of this poem, but do you remember in general what I am talking about? Here’s a great version:


I couldn’t stop thinking about this poem while in the kitchen the other night. My sweet boy was starting to get fussy wanting out of his high chair, until I started to dance. I had music playing so I just followed the rythm, which of course made me look pretty foolish. I am not a good dancer by any means. But you know what? My son thought it was the funniest thing ever. {And I pretended he was laughing out of joy, not because of how foolish I looked.}

With each twirl I did, each arm sway, he giggled harder and harder. And. I. Loved. It.

After I was done dancing with myself I scooped him up and swayed to the music with him, which equaled even more giggles and squeals. Obvisouly this was not the first time I have ever danced with him, but it made me think.

What if we lived life differently? What if we went against this poem and danced as though someone was watching…but that person was our child? And what if every time we danced we knew that it would equal squeals of delight from them? That with every action we did, we thought about how it could make someone else so happy?

Let’s start this New Year off right! Let’s think of others before ourselves, let’s give people a reason to have faith in humanity again after all the tragedy 2012 brought us. A smile, a hug, a helping hand, all go a long way.

Happy New Year!


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