Easy DIY Holiday Card Display


If you are on Pinterest, you have probably seen lots of different ways to display the millions of holiday cards that arrive all season long. But I came up with an idea that we have been doing for a few years that really works for my family.

What you’ll need:

  • a roll of pretty, sparkly ribbon
  • glue dots or glue dot lines
  • clothes pins
  • spray paint


Spray paint the clothes pins a fun Christmas color. I used a plain white first than added a second coat with sparkles.

Attach the ribbon to a door using the glue dots. I used the front closet door, right when you enter our house. The glue dots are removable, so this project easily comes down after the holidays.

As you get the cards in the mail, attach them to the ribbon with clothes pins. And voila! you have a fun easy way to display your holiday cards. Plus, the kids really like to add them to the ribbon as they look at all the different cards we get.

I also use this same idea on each child’s bedroom door during their birthday month. All three of my kids celebrate birthdays in January. (no, I did not plan that; I am not crazy!) Each child then gets a place to display their birthday cards that are just for them. 


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