Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments Using Repurposed Holiday Cards


Christmas ornament, DIY, holiday cards, Christmas cardsIf I just had more hours in the day, I would craft and play in the local hobby store all the time! But I don’t, so I have to choose my favorite crafts and incorporate them in my busy life.

One of my favorite crafts I like to do is make keepsake ornaments. I like to use my extra photo christmas cards leftover after mailing them and turn them into a keepsake ornament. I think it is so precious so see our family’s old christmas cards hanging on the tree. One day I envision a separate small tree in the house just for these special ornaments.

These are also great for gifts for your friends and families by saving their photo christmas card from the previous year and gifting their keepsake ornament the following year. There are several ways to capture your Christmas card memories, and I wanted to share with you my craft that does that in an ornament. Happy Crafting!

Holiday Keepsake Ornament Craft Using Repurposed Holiday Cards

DIY Christmas Ornaments Directions:

Cut out 2″ circles in the christmas card, focusing on capturing the best faces, important names or dates and design. I used a circle punch I bought at the local craft store, which makes the perfect circle and saves time cutting.

Christmas ornament, DIY, holiday cards, Christmas cards

Then, using a pre-cut triangle as a guide, fold in three edges of your circles to make a triangle shape in the middle. I used an old cardboard box, and cut a triangle out to use as a guide.

Christmas ornament, DIY, holiday cards, Christmas cards


Christmas ornament, DIY, holiday cards, Christmas cards

Then apply a small amount of glue (I used my glue gun) along the folded edges of the circles one piece at a time. Keep gluing the circles together until you get a shape of a ball. Sometimes you may not have enough circles cut out from your old christmas card, but that’s okay – you can find some cardboard/scrapbook paper and that works great to fill in the ornament too.

Christmas ornament, DIY, holiday cards, Christmas cardsOnce you get halfway done with your ornament, make sure you add a ribbon/string through the center of the ornament to be able to hang it from your tree.

 There you have it. A keepsake ornament of your holiday cards to last years on your tree.

Hope you have fun with all your holiday crafting this year!



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